Tuesday, April 5, 2011

If your stressed and need some songs to chill.

Heyo. Here are some, ok, just two songs that i'm going to recommend today. awesome awesome!:D One's a cover, the others an original piece. Ok, heres the first one:

Its a cover of Cee Lee's Forget You done by a collab between David Choi and Kero One.

Kero! Reminds me of the Kero tiger in Cardcaptor Sakura, there this fella:

Here's the second piece, if your familiar with far east movement..the people who did chart top hits such as rocketeer, like a G6 those songs...? Yea, you'll be able to catch a little of them inside this video. Basically i got to know of Far East Movement way before they were big popular people because of my fave Wongfu Productions. I like the catchy tunes, movements and all, if your feeling all stressed out and need to wiggle, jiggle, jump and down a lil...this is the song to dance to!

Let's Dance to this song yeah!
Wong Fu, Kev Jumba, David Choi collab.

Give it a listen, i'm sure you'll feel lighter from all that stress buildup.
take care peeps.

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