Wednesday, April 6, 2011

life is short. do what you'll ...

Life is short.
Do what you...
feel like
think is right
believe in
need to do
want to do
never done before

even if the world seems tumbling down, do what YOU want.
no, the world doesn't revolve around you.
no, you can't be selfish.
but at the end of the day, don't live for anyone else other than yourself.
If you can learn to love yourself and find joy, then only can you bring love and give joy to others.

everything will be fine.
tomorrow's gonna be alright.
i always believe mayday didn't lie in that song lyrics.
its an attitude to live by, just like hakuna matata.

Smile from the bottom of your heart.
Smile like theres no tomorrow.
Smile like an idiot. Grin wide.
Smile and Grin like no one's looking because you feel it deep down in your heart.
Prance around for joy, find that innerchild, don't let it fade away and go to sleep.

people around nowadays like to remind me that 2012 is next year as if signalling or reminding me of the seeing 'impending doomsday' slated to come next year.
i for one, am not a belieber believer of such nonsense.
yes, the world is getting more chaotic, natural disasters are coming in a more frequent variation.
i do stop to think and ponder about these at times, as if trying to entertain the thoughts of nonsensical notions of the world ending soon.
then i shake my head and throw away such poisonus thoughts because what good would they be of?

we can't live in fear.
but then again theres that famous words - Live everyday as if its your last.
as much as i would love to....
i think it would be kind of hard.

live life so that at the end of it, even if we have tons of regrets we have tons*1000 more times of happy moments that we know we had gone through and are proud of.

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