Saturday, April 30, 2011

Turn around and you might see something different.

I saw this on Ling's blog and remembered reading or hearing about it some time back and thinking what a meaningful quote...but as you know, my memory sometimes get the better of me and i don't actually get to remember stuff like this to write and share with you all. So because Ling heard her papa saying it and quoted it down...i am re-quoting and sharing this meaningful line with all:)


In my rather literal translation, i shall attempt to make it understandable in English.

The Mountain doesn't bend, the road does
The Road won't turn, humans can
The Human can't change, mindsets can

Hope it is as close to what i think it means:)
to me it means flexiblity and readiness to adapt in mindset and action, there is no dead road just how we move on upon it. yesh, i will keep that in mind.
if anyone is any good in translation just drop me a comment and i'll get it fixed yea;)


dear trees, i'm so sorry.
i don't mean to kill you and waste as much of you then i normally do
my nose is leaking.
please pardon the leaky one until i get it fixed.

thank you.


  1. Oh no! u fall sick too. I was a leaky one 2 days ago. U go take med and get well soon okay? rest more!

  2. thanks jy!:) suddenly dissepeared with a night of sleep...come and go flu...hahah...