Friday, April 29, 2011

Have a Happily Ever After Marriage William & Catherine!:)

today's the big day for the celebrity status Prince and Princess of the Wales...they are getting married!:) The live telecast is going on right now...I really like Princess Diana as a young kid so i'm really happy that now her kid gets a happy moment of his own after the devastating tragedy the family suffered when he was just a boy. Lets hope this fairytale wedding will carry on with a happily ever after...Though i know their just human and they *as twinnie said* burp, crap and all..(very true) its still takes me into a fairytale world. Really really beautiful:)

Here's one of the screenshot of the lovely couple coming out of the church.

Catherine holds an air of sophistication around her.

Everyone around is getting on the buzz of the Royal Wedding, even youtube! I actually unintentionally found a Royal Page set up just for the wedding! Wow! Check it out here:
The Royal Channel
you can send well wishes to the couple and also see the live broadcast of the wedding which is according to the site happening in 52mins from the time i am writing this post now.

Watching the television's live coverage I see all the honoured guest arriving in their best dresses and suits and most of the ladies wearing big hats. They look pretty interesting, some very elegant, but i bet i would never be able to pull any of those hats off. They would just look awful on me...or maybe it's just not a culture here, if i were to choose i would go for the small cutesy ones...heh:D The place they are holding the wedding, the church is just so gorgeous:)

Closer to the time the Royal Couple is going to appear!
You don't get to see the Royal Wedding much, its pretty much a very big event one of those "one in your lifetime" things you get to see....

May you two Have a blissful long lasting wedding ,
and as the chinese puts it,

And according to the papers Catherine is pregnant already so double the joy double the happiness!:))

Happy Marriage to the Newly Wedded Couple

Here are some of the screen shots I took of the wedding through the youtube Royal Channel I placed above with the link..
as he leads the leading lady of the day out of the church.
Such a loving moment:)
the royal wave...she looks just so so gorgeous.
Prince William and Princess Catherine

If you can't get enough of this wedding of the year do check out the Eentertainment site Here. It has a whole load of stuff on the wedding! Talk about good coverage!

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