Wednesday, April 20, 2011

曾经. once upon a time.

I was watching the forensic heroes show on tv the other day and felt that this statement made by one of the leads rather meaningful...usually they do say other meaningful stuff in some programs too, just that my memory gets the better of me....i managed to remember this saying...The supporting lead yisheng told madam ma the police woman in the show (i roughly remember it to be like this):

“。。。听你说曾经 (céngjīng)。 你说曾经好象是对自己 的一种诅咒; 曾经快乐过。曾经拥有过都好象以后不会再有了, 不会在快乐了。 。。
so loosely translating it means something like this: you often speak of once being happy, one having happiness entitled to you. Upon listening it seems more like a curse, once, being you are not going to have it again, it all ends with a past tense.

And so Yisheng tells Mdm Ma that she should not speak with such woeful words and choose the brighter ones instead....i never really thought that it was a words which carried a negative feel to it...of course, when theres yin theres yang, turn it around it can be something good also...for ex-convicts its a positive thing I was once an alcoholic, ahh. see, now thats a positive light.

Nothing really much about this post, but i liked that sentence which made me stop to think a little. Did it make you pause to think for a moment too? ;)

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