Tuesday, April 26, 2011

tokidoki x Onitsuka Tiger Tiger Scoop Shoes (Blue/Lime)

tokidoki x Onitsuka Tiger Tiger Scoop Shoes (Blue/Lime)

i want these shoes!
Onitsuka Tiger X tokidoki collaboration.
ahhh. droolll.

big brands especially streetwear brands often do collaborations between their new upcoming lines and designers, this way they will not only attract more people (good marketing stratery) but also get a different kind of design and are assured of the quality in design because these people after all are already designers in their own right.
Collaboration between StayReal X Snoopy for Snoopy's anniversary

no. this is not a collaboration between Sponge Bob and Stay Real, its an inter designer collaboration between WrongWroks and StayReal. :D niceee:)
Anybody ever wanted to be Doreamon for a Day?;)
yesh. i'm just using these chance to squeeze in another pic of Ashin.
StayRealXHello Kitty Collaborations
(in fact unknowingly Hello Kitty has done many collborations with various street brands, do take a notice next time your shopping for street wear;))

just like ashin's stayreal...it often does many collaborations if you have noticed. With Hello Kitty, Snoopy, Levis...to name a few big brands. Woohoo! Ashin:D

Apart from those. Tokidoki and Onitsuka Tiger collaborations are definitely one of my fave collaborations, i often go to check out the new shows they have just to drool.
*o wait, let me wipe up the pool on the table first*

check out the base of the shoe yo.

hahaa...would love to own one...only problem i can only find them online...and as you know...shoes are pretty hard for me to buy because of my feet funny sizing and all...
so i don'tdare buy it online for fear that after all the excitment and price, it wont fit..
*cheng cheng chenggggg* sound effects. sorry. had to do that. :P

if anyone see this in local shops let me know yea?:)

in the mean time...i'll continue drooling.

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