Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ouran High Cosplayers.

i was browsing through the web for a photo of something and i chance upon a cosplay group doing a cosplay collection of one of my all time favourite animation Ouran High! I thought i just had to share with you guys what i found and caught my eye. I usually see some good renditions of individual or small group Ouran High Cosplayers but this is one of the best groups for the entire cast taken together ( in my opinion of course) so let me show you all! O wait, but before that in case you are not familiar with OH let me show you a picture of the original anime.

You can read up more on this anime through the wiki site i left on the jap name.
If you have the time do are a fan of animes catch this anime! You definitely won't be dissapointed. Its not only funny but the character buildup for each main character is pretty good.
I initially thought it was going to be some shallow anime, but nope, i enjoyed it to the last bit and couldn't get enough of it so much so i went hunting for the vcd.
So do catch it if you can and need a laugh!;)

As promised here is one of the better cosplay crew which features the whole gang from Ouran high
Western Cosplayers doing Ouran High!
this was the picture which initially caught my eye
i was thinking from the small thumbnail on the google image page, this is going to be good!
and indeed, its a well done cosplay staging.
(not to say i'm an expert, but i do see alot of cosplay photos)
They're on deviantart if interested, i've linked the photos to their page so yea check them out.

Another awesome page i found while i was looking for full crew of Ouran high cosplayers just to make sure i was right there aren't many doing the full set i came across this cosplay site which i thought was so awesome too. They did Ouran high's Sou and Tamaki wonderfully! I shall leave their link HERE* if anyone is interested in checking them out. The site is really pretty good. Good cosplayers and good photography skills!
I like!

Yeaps. Little entertainment introduction for you guys.
and no. i'm not doing this for any fee to introduce this people and sites, i just blog with full concience things i like and want to share ;)


and watch ouran high!!

honey senpai in usa-chan outfit.

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