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The Chronicals of the States Journey : Oklahoma City - First 2 days.

Hola :) I was looking through my photos and realised i havent done any post on the stuff from the states because there are just so many photos to filter through...o my. so lazy. hahaa...i finally decided to sit down and filter a few for this post...:D

Enjoy...for much of it, i'll try to let my photos do the talking, and less of me, lest i bore you people out. Photos tell a thousand words, so actually, i'm saying much more! You'll be wondering why there are very little pictures of me....well, very simply because i'm the one shooting them. I have a love hate relationship with being in photos, i like to be in them cause its memories captured in time...but then when i look at how bad sometimes i turn out in contrast to everyone else, i just give up on wanting to be in the photo altogether. like i'm thinking darn, whose that girl who ruin the otherwise nice photo, o gawd, that would be me. hahaa...

Ok, so enjoy the pics i have:)
ANA , All Nippon Airways.
We took this for the international flights to and fro.
ANA has good service. :) pretty stewardess too.
This was somewhere around 6 hours into the flight after 2and a half movie and countless snacks and drinks, i was becoming restless.
i never get tired of such shots.
they're pretty!
We were flying over the states at the point of this photo...
we couldn't figure out too...
we were wondering if we would see the grand canyon *excited kids*
then my sitting buddy for the trip Cat and i were having a geography lesson...
those are meanders....those are ....
this was after dunno how many thousand hours...and we finally reached the states!
We had lunch at the LA airport and that was where we transited too..
we were dead tired.
this was in the place waiting to board, our plane was delay...apparently it was a very common thing for flights between states...
i have my trusty mp3.
no iphone, but does the job of keeping me entertained with songs non the less.
cute kid waiting for the plane too...
*i love to take random pics of strangers, esp kids in interesting situations or places, you'll realise.
Didi...one of my first favourite profile shot.
she looks so cool.
why do i never get candid unposed for and still good looking photos?!
my favourite trusty bottle i bought from LA airport. It has a sucking tip..i liked it so much i got another bottle to rotate when i found the school cafeteria selling it..
So I was a happy schoolkid bringing her own fave waterbottle to class.
i wanted to show you all the pretty wiew during takeoff...but. erm. as you see....it didn't turn out quite as much as i would like it to be.
here is my sitting buddy all the way from Sing to OKC...
i have one photo of me and i use a cut off face picture?! what am i thinking?!
in the clear picture too many blemishes...its better left this way.
mystical yo.
and we finally settled in close to 9plus 10 at the Marriot Inn Residence in OKC.
We washed up a lil and went to Denny's a local 24hr restraunt for our first proper meal since arriving.
One thing about American eating places, they have refillable drinks!!
but but. we were kiasu Singaporeans ok. *not singaporean btw.:P
We each ordered a cup and were pleasantly surprised that it was refillable for countless amount of time!
we walked in the cold just to get to the diner. it was about 10 minutes walk, but when your jetlagged and cold. boy, it sure is a long 10 minutes.

After dinner braved the cold cold winds......back home to sleepp!! much needed...

Woke up bright and early...i didn't really sleep much, i slept on the couch...but it seemed like i only slept for half an hour before it was time to get up....
look at us all dressed up to face the cold...
Suprisingly..it wasn't as cold as we thought it would be.
We took a Taxi down to bricktown as we didn't have classes for the day yet,classes would only start the following day...We didn't know what it would have...and frankly..it really didn't have much. its a place more happening at night, known for nightlife, whoops! came at the wrong time. but always make the best of what you have right...
*on tourist mode*
off we go to sightsee!
Look at the pretty sight....:)I really love it when trees and the leaves are in this shade.
you'll see more of them around because i can't resist snapping photos of them as hard i might have tried...but i didn't...their so pretty...so of course, shoot more!the ducks were so cute. :D
we were so captivated we spent around a good 15mins looking admiring the ducks and trying ways to get them to come closer to us....
not to mention snapping 1001 photos of them...
nice rightttt!see. this was what imeant...:p (refer to me taking random kids photo explanation above)
this is the Oklahoma City Sports Centre for Baseball and other sports...
it was near xmas season...thus you can see the reoccuring theme of Xmas trees around. I'm now an official OKC Thunder Fan!
OKC Thunder is our city state's basketball team.
For the record when i was there WE WON the Houston Rockets! (yea, Yao Ming's team. )
ok, to be fair, yao ming was suffering from injury and wasn't playing..(to my little dissapointment, i was hoping to see him.)But, hey, alls fair right, your team is only as strong as your weakest player, soooo
Let's Go Thunder Let's Go!big stadium view.
OKC is big on their sports esp football or our rugby.
OSU and OU were having a big football tournament match when we were there.
my school?
we're known for the arts so, no...no competing in the football brawl.
we're the arty farty people in town.
lolsthis is the baseball team, didn't manage to catch any baseball matches though....
all wrapped up and ready to give gift.this is mosiac made up of many little tiles. very nicely done
i wonder what history happened here to give it its name....Hell Angels...they looked intimidating and flaunting at the same time...
i wanted to snap a photo and was worried at the same time...so i was like snap..ok run! hahaha...I like the shadow of the flag on the wall.
Bricktown is called bricktown becase as the name has it, many buildings back in those days (and those preserved) were all made out of bricks...

i wanted to snap a photo of the sign Oklahoma Ave and the fire engine went pass...so empty!
i like this photo...we were walking past a tunnel.
this was outside a sweet shop...
turkish sweets i think...
not really the kind i fancy...but i liked the layout of the shop....:)
on the way back....
this was the start of a series of photos like this and the start of the Gila Girls and the Manager. o, thats me. haha

We walked close to an hour to a Walmart (something like Giant here) which we thought was just nearby....!! The cold mad the journey worse....and there unlike here, there are no proper walkways you walk on grass and gravel...but it was pretty interesting...but the cold and darkening skies made it a little depressing...but i was determined to let non of those affect me.
One hour walk and when we finally found Walmart...Happiness!!:DDD
We bought all our groceries for the week or at least the essentials...It was so biggggggg!
And me being a happy kid in supermarkets was one extra happy kid!:DD
We took the taxi back....
no more one hour journey back...
Subsequently the residence inn van was fixed and we just had to book appointments for them to bring us there for a tip or get a taxi...no more crazy unknown walking...hahhaa...

Stay tune to catch the rest of the Chronicals.
they'll not be that soon though...too many photos to look through resize and upload:P

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