Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy 11th Birthday Mayday:)

Happy 11th Anniversary my favourite band. :)
you guys rock on hard. ;)

March is one of my favourite months. You all would know partly why right? ;)) heh:P well, apart from my birthday falling on this month, sis's birthday falling one week after mine. In the month of march, Mayday was also born. March 29 that is. 11 years ago.

You guys have come a long long way.
Issit me or monster change hairstyle?
They are giving out transitlink cards someone in china to commemorate this special event i heard...wonder if its true...can give all the fans who go to 417 concert in Sing too?
*pretty please?*

Happy 11th Birthday to youuu 五月天!:))

This was the press conference video link, haven't had time to catch it yet
Putting it up first so you guys can enjoy!:))

DNA 五月天 世界巡迴演唱會 *變形DNA DVD is out today!
It hits stores on 300310.
Go get yours now!
I'm so excited!:D
but i can't rush off to the stores to grab one yet, cause mine is on the way from me buggers,yays so i have to curb rushing down to grab a copy like now. hahahaa.
excitement bobbling up and down.

Now you guys know where there is so many mayday post this month;)
well, just really an good excuse actually..hehe :P

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Monday, March 29, 2010

Mayday 'N' years ago on Glay Global Communication

ashin looks nervous!:P

Many Years back on Glay's talk show.
They have come a long long way.
My Mayday.
Rocking on then. Rocking on Now. Rock on forever!
Woohoo. \m/

Sunday, March 28, 2010

mayday drawn by sis. :D

lilalienations: i'm posting on mayday and yes933 station plays 盛夏光年 by Mayday. ahh. Lucky!:D
lilalienations2: finally finish uploading the pics here. so many...x-x hahaha...i think i'll blog about them in a day or two:)

Ting draw me a pic card for my birthday....!:D aww. so sweet!:)))
i wanted to do a scan..but i got lazy forgiveme.hahahaa...:P
From left to right.
Ming. Monster.Ashin.Stone.Masa
She captured all their features well!:))
Once i saw i knew which set she got the inspiration from...she's good!
ask me to draw you can't make out who i'm drawing...hahaa...:P
Sis! Did the inspiration come from this whole set?:)

Come come.
since i'm on this set already let me show you the rest....
(all) Drawn by no2good.
this set is cute...ashin has
peace no war.
that thing on monster's head...issit a antenna?

last of the set.
of tt i know of.
super cute.

Thanks sis for taking the effort to draw tt for me.
sho sweet.
me likes.

and dinner today was great with ya.
^ ^
o. always be careful esp on your way home ya. ;)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

use your heart not the eyes.

"People should fall in love with their eyes closed."
— Andy Warhol

Friday, March 26, 2010

My Life Would Suck Without You

My life would suck without you
by Kelly Clarkson.
Loving this song at the moment.
Haven't been able to find the tittle for it till now.

and also this song..

I realised the mv's kinda sad though....

Thursday, March 25, 2010

ambush @ jp.

There's this quite fabulous dinning in jp which serves european ( i think tt was what it wrote) food, which for me was really quite awesome. :) Ambush. I'll ask my friend to help me check if it's halal, then more of us can go next time.;)

Went after class for lunch.
It was along our way home.
taddaaa! my pasta. it tast much nicer than it looks. :)
all photo credits to lih yee.
from vietnam.
has powerful language abilities!;)
didnt taste this dish though, cause it was beef, but they told me it was nice too!:)
then there was dessert.
now you see it.
next you don't.
Her birthday was coming soon, so we sneaked up and down to get her present and card.
Left:Candy from shanghai:)
does not know much about shanghai though. highly doubious, maybe she is from western country.
middle: Louise from vietnam
right: Lih yee from Singapore.
Behind camera: lala from malaysia.

its fun to make friends from different countries too. i learn much from them.
cannot be prejudice towards people o.

And the card which we bought her was a popup card, which made my life hell, cause when i tried to write on it, my left hand got in the way...poor me. lol...even the sales assistant was roped in to help me. hahaha. thanks for your kind help and suggestions lady from artbox jp! *thumbsup*
Happy 21st Birthday Louise! Happppy Happy Birthday to youuu!:) ( though i'm sure she won't see this.haha)
Hope you liked the present and card though my handwriting is ugly

lalaala. sitting on the pavements being random can be fun too. :D
candy bought this chinese old school toy called "jie lian huan" i think many of us has had played or at least seen it before when we were kids.
I managed to solve it! muahahaa. i'm smart. ok. i play cheat one. cause i used to have something in the similar unlocking method when i was young. hahaa.

being so far away from home.
i think it's really nice to have friends who you can call your own.
don't you think? ;)
spread a little love.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Classmates. :)

lilalienations: I hate to eat alone at home esp at night. :(

Yea. my class has loads more girls than guys. haha. =)
Handsome dudes. and pretty babes.
Here are some of my classmates.
2/3 of them on the last day of Dr Leo's class.
We couldn't just let the poor old man leave without taking a picture could we?
So, here's a very nice one. 2 poloroids were taken through jend's cam. one given to the doc.
ahhh. poloriod's are just cool. :)
and this one was taken through ahmad's cam.
this picture came out nicely!

On March 11 (after school) we went to the Korean restaraunt in Chinatown to celebrate my birthday!
Here's everyone who went!
The friendly korean restaurant dude helped us take a picture.
Cherie say he very handsome o heh...:P
Credit all pictures to didi:)

and i got a tiramisu cakey!
o, in fact i had 2!
That's Junmo behind, he was the king of the day in the restaruant, because, he could freely speak korean to all the waiters and boss, i bet he felt right at home. hahahaa.
make a wish!
we were such a big group we had to sit on 3 tables!
How lucky am i! So many people to have a birthday lunch with me.
Here's Candy with Bibimbab~
oo o! i like this shop's kimchi pancake!:)
Here's the cute lil babe who sits next to me in class! and then there's linus who also sits next to ok these two! A* students...hahahahaha...:P
Very nice too:)) not to mention stylo milo..;))
Didi had this.
Don't be fooled by it's fiery hot appearance, it's not as bad as it looks....
or so says i...because i only tasted one spoon full...maybe if you finish the whole thing you'll feel its wrath? hahaha...:PLouise and round faced me.
tak glam lah this pic!!:P hahaha. but o well.
they provided us with loads of many many different kinds!
and they would refill when your finish if you
i still love the ikan bilis one best..heh:p
One last look at the cake!:)

From the front left hand side: Linus. Candy. Jess.Nana. Stef.Cherie
Right: Didi. well who else?. Louise. Joel. Junmo.
Lih Yee was missing for the day cause she was unwell.

Thanks guys for celebrating with me on my special day!

"Everything has its’ beauty but not everyone sees it. "
—Andy Warhol

I loved this crazy artit's artworks

Darth Vader will be a good ambassador for earth hour

This ones funny, Darth Vader doing good for the planet.
Step into the dark side for the good of the world.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

.liL alien's Homeground turns 3!:)

Just a very random thing i noticed.

I've been blogging for 3 years now. Not very long, but i won't consider it a short span either. I share my moments well, some of it, not so much the very privates ones, though occasionally i still blurt them out. haha. My not so very deep dark secrets, mostly, i like to share happier moments, interesting stuff, something which can make me (you?) smile sometimes along the way. Maybe someday i would have the courage to share all my other private moments (no. i have no explicit moments that anybody can exploit upon so not too worried on that end though) :p If anyone out there has been staying on growing up with me, and know me in life or through me here, hope you have enjoyed your reads here. :) if you don't, well, too bad. i'm just like with it was the horrible grouchy monster saying that!:P

Happy 3rd Anniversary my homeground bloggie!

Monday, March 22, 2010

S stands for Si Ling. We are 22! SLPS strive for progress!

Thank you to Fang, Huan and Jin for celebrating my birthday and such a cool gift.
After much dilleberation we went to the "Sumo House" in Amk central to eat.
they sell quite cheap jap food.
Just try not to order their soba...*well. that's just my opinion though.*
While waiting for the food.
there's always time for photos.:P
Hey! You there! No paparazzi shots!
lala complains: ehh. jin cannot see your face.
jin: purposely one.
-_-' hahahaa.
cannot. i must have my proper nice shot of you two:)
this was suppose to be a shot of 3 people.
but they decided to be naughty and block out Fang's face.
awww. poor thing.
look! that's my hand!
poped by to MOF for desserts.
yes. after much delliberation again.
why do we deliberate for much?!
and then again.
while waiting for the ice cream.
why not shoot somemore?;))
I like this set of photos, the colour turned out nice. :)
I shot so many that Jin had to "siam" my camera shot:pp
Yesh. it is too sweet.
but the girls liked MOF's plain water.
of all thing to like...hahahaha
muachi pose!
Ooo! It's pressie time!:D
Look at my surprised face!:0)
let's see how it works.
i'm such a big swaakoo, needed lotsa Jin's help:D
then they told me to take a proper picture.
so i smiled happily.
Jin brought the good Kodak film for me too!
Old school! :DDD
Now it's fangfang's turn!
Prada prada!
*inhouse joke*

I was fumbling around with my new toy, so i didn't take pictures...:P
We got her a nice white jumper!:)
and a black cardigan to go with it...too bad we can't see it clearly here...
Hope you liked it fang...we went around headache-ing what to get...haha...:P
Thanks to Huan for taking these two pics:D *ahem ahems*i remember to credit if not you cough at
Just to show Jinjin's Nice hair. :D

Now. it's time for a little "Zi Lian-ing":PPppp
o yea. :)
I seldom zilian much on my blog so pardon me lah....;P
my new display pic!
the gals are also using this set. ;))
Fang Fang!
Happpppy Birthday to youu!:))
You are 22 too!
Hope you enjoyed the day and present=)
we lubch you much.
Blur queen number 1!
Huan huan!:D
Jin Jin!
*taken by ms lewe*
I have to say her new hairstyle is very nice!
How many years have we known each other again?
Love you all loads.

O! and i can't remember the full primary school song.
omg. shame on me. tsk tsk.
should go try to remember it fully, i got only half way...:p