Saturday, March 6, 2010


Mis-understandings. Mis-interpretations. Miscommunications. All this breakdowns can only lead to one ending if not handled well. Yes, trouble. Nono, don't worry. It didn't exactly happen to me. It happen around me, as in the people around me, used to be kind of a big gang of friends (my operational definition of big is over 6pax) , and no. It is definitely not my beloved buggers, so go figure. ;)

The thing about Humans are that (gladly? sadly?) we are weird creatures haha. Everything in life we do can turn in two opposite directions just for example to say, if one doesn't think enough or doesn't put any thought into things, he is thought as shallow, naive, stupid or what not. But then if a person thinks too much or dwells too much on something they might form up negativity or impressions or ideas that was never there or never meant in that way.

I for one like to keep things simple. Sometimes, simplicity and complication still mixes up together. Though i like simplicity i go about doing things in the a simple yet complicated configuration, ok, that was a oxymoron moment...haha..:p

I guess that at the end of the day after the two case, stories, events which i know of and witness boils down to communication does matter. Trust is very important too, if you were to ask me, even if the buggers ever had any kind of misunderstanding among each other, we would definitely talk things out. I like how we voice, our concerns, thoughts, grumbles etc to each other very openly, at least one other party would know the thoughts going through the others head so that everyone can be well aware and in the loop of things of each others life. And we have that mutual understanding and trust that we never need to say out, that no matter what happens, what disagreements or misunderstandings we have, we have the trust of each other as close as our next of kin that no matter what, they didn't mean to intentionally hurt us. I guess, communicating and trust goes a long long way.

If ever your unhappy with someone, the best thing to do would be (well, in my opinion) go home take a shower and go to sleep. When you've calmed down, then talk. Make sure both parties know whats going on, it's always a lost when your angry with or upset or fighting with the other party and the other side has no idea what wrong they have done, wouldn't it be just like fighting a losing battle? No one ever wins like that.

I rather a one day bruised battle to talk out, all the griviences, all the unhappiness, fight if you will then resolve it and be buddies again. Weren't we all this simple when we were primary schoolers?

"I don't friend you. hpmhx!" Familiar? But the very next day or two we would still be playing catching, police and theive, hopscotch and sharing that same 20cent soda.

Simplicity sometimes doesn't always mean being naive, its just really a different approach to seeing things. Give and take. It's a important role in all relationships. Everyone has flaws, superficial flaws ( i snore, you drool) inner flaws (i'm late, your sloppy) see, if you find flaws in others you must look at yourself too. Learning to accept people as they are will let you see them in a better light. yea, i know man.

It's much easier said than done, i for one, only really accept people when i'm ready, and when i accept people truly into my life, that person will definitely stay in my short term memory to long term memory and in my heart forever. :) Just like family, you accept them wholeheartedly, so whatever the grumble you would still love them.

Be simple. Be loving. Be trusting. Be accepting.

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