Tuesday, March 2, 2010

That's why i love Kuching. :)

Decided to post up a happier post today:)) Head have been feeling a little heavy lately...a little feel...I have no idea why. It's either because after the exam, i haven't unloaded all the info before reputting alot more or its because theres been just alot to know and think about lately....

But anyway. Here's a few of the photos from Kuching (way outdated. took them in jan)!:) Why i always enjoy going back. ^^ The locals might complain theres a lack of fun to see and do, and can't wait to fly out, but i on the other hand though knowing theres no shopping paradise but am always so excited to fly back.


There's family. :)
(missing second uncle in the pic though...)


She loves to take photos.
I love to shoot them.
we're the dynamic dream team.
(well....provided shes in a good photo mood.haa!)
You see your little monsters cousins growing up into sometimes little ladies.
Looking o-so-very very cute.
old school toys are always the most fun!
You meet your cousins and always have stuff to come together for.
(no foong...:( and bro cause she and he were in KL)

there's yummy food that only you can find in kuching and only able to be cooked to get that familiar taste by the chan family.
ngoh hiang.
(the picture does no justice to how heavenly it taste. yes, sharks fin and abalone mean nothing to me in comparison.)
Being back at familiar's grandma's home.
back garden, where i used to spend alot of time playing with the big black dog, dongdong.
He went on to the next life last yr.
So no one to play with this trip round, he was as tall as me when he stood up, always bully me by standing up as tall as me! hahaha...I wanted to capture the beautiful sunset sky colours in the photo, it really didn't turn out as pretty as the sky was....it was a really very very awesome sight.
Uncle and Auntie bringing me to eat all the yummillicious food i want.
I have no idea what the real name of this place is called.
I only know it as "lao eya keng" (Hokkien for old kok kok place) i'm guessing that's just a nickname for it....ahahah

But don't judge a book by it's cover.
i love their fishball tanghoon + other balls and stuff soup!!:D
and i'm not one who eats just any fishball...picky picky...lols:P
and i like their satay!
Wetting your appetite already?
yum yums!
Taste different from the ones we usually eat here...:))

The rest of the photos are also of food! ahahahaha....:P
Glass noodles.
litteral translation.
say yum!

TomatoJuey Tiao.A very simple dish, but taste good.
i was so excited to eat it i didn't really care about the picture posing or so. Thus the composition or lack of. hahaha.
Why? don't they have it here?

They have the next dish here though.
though to me, the ones here are farrr inferior though. no offence.;p

Kolo mee.
If you haven't eaten this when your in Kuching, i would ask you, where did you really go too?
one last look.

And then lastly.
my all time fave.
save the best for the last.
Sarawak Laksa.
Does it look heavenly?
Taste just as good too.
This is the version i enjoy, the one without the green grass on top.
That one was for picture purpose...haha...:P

As you can see i seldom do food on my blog...so here are some of the more awesome food i would always go for. not abalone, not those so expensive stuff, sometimes it's this little pleasures which makes everyone the happiest.

Little pleasures.
not only food of course, family, friends,relationships, memories.
They don't cost alot but the best stuff in the world.

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