Thursday, March 25, 2010

ambush @ jp.

There's this quite fabulous dinning in jp which serves european ( i think tt was what it wrote) food, which for me was really quite awesome. :) Ambush. I'll ask my friend to help me check if it's halal, then more of us can go next time.;)

Went after class for lunch.
It was along our way home.
taddaaa! my pasta. it tast much nicer than it looks. :)
all photo credits to lih yee.
from vietnam.
has powerful language abilities!;)
didnt taste this dish though, cause it was beef, but they told me it was nice too!:)
then there was dessert.
now you see it.
next you don't.
Her birthday was coming soon, so we sneaked up and down to get her present and card.
Left:Candy from shanghai:)
does not know much about shanghai though. highly doubious, maybe she is from western country.
middle: Louise from vietnam
right: Lih yee from Singapore.
Behind camera: lala from malaysia.

its fun to make friends from different countries too. i learn much from them.
cannot be prejudice towards people o.

And the card which we bought her was a popup card, which made my life hell, cause when i tried to write on it, my left hand got in the way...poor me. lol...even the sales assistant was roped in to help me. hahaha. thanks for your kind help and suggestions lady from artbox jp! *thumbsup*
Happy 21st Birthday Louise! Happppy Happy Birthday to youuu!:) ( though i'm sure she won't see this.haha)
Hope you liked the present and card though my handwriting is ugly

lalaala. sitting on the pavements being random can be fun too. :D
candy bought this chinese old school toy called "jie lian huan" i think many of us has had played or at least seen it before when we were kids.
I managed to solve it! muahahaa. i'm smart. ok. i play cheat one. cause i used to have something in the similar unlocking method when i was young. hahaa.

being so far away from home.
i think it's really nice to have friends who you can call your own.
don't you think? ;)
spread a little love.

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