Sunday, March 7, 2010

Philosophy. Psycology.

Today's class was kinda a drag for me, i hate to admit it. Half the class was falling asleep asleep this lazy saturday morning, for once the morning weather was cool and awesome...i had to literally drag myself out of bed my snooze went on for about 4 times....any more i think i would have just overslept and missed school altogether. But, no, i didn't sleep in class, i still think the old man prof deserved the respect and if he could wake up and get over from american time to give us the long long lecture someone should at least perk up to pay attention, well at least try? :P

I was trying very hard to get him, he was speaking in english but sometimes i wonder if he really was. Not exactly his fault though i guess, the subject is indeed very chim. I always thought philosophy and psycology would be very interesting subjects to uptake, the latter which i have just gone through a module in, i enjoyed tremendously. For now, i'm holding on to my doubts about the former. I think it's just the way of presentation by the prof, not saying he's no good or anything, i guess it's just that, we can't click to what he's teaching. I hope i'll find the switch to click soon, i'm feeling lost already. the books arent helping. i'm reading words but don't make sense out of it. gosh. i'll work harder to decipher it! Jia you! :D

Now to show you something awesome from net surfing today....

so cute can die!:D
(that was what i typed in the google search bar, when i saw this. ahaa.i left the link in the pic if interested;))
the hands are a little distracting though. but isn't the bunny just cute? :DD
( i saw another pic which was just as cute too! i'll share next time! or you can surf up the link on your own;))
but i still love dogs or hamsters more as pets.
bias kid lols

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