Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy 11th Birthday Mayday:)

Happy 11th Anniversary my favourite band. :)
you guys rock on hard. ;)

March is one of my favourite months. You all would know partly why right? ;)) heh:P well, apart from my birthday falling on this month, sis's birthday falling one week after mine. In the month of march, Mayday was also born. March 29 that is. 11 years ago.

You guys have come a long long way.
Issit me or monster change hairstyle?
They are giving out transitlink cards someone in china to commemorate this special event i heard...wonder if its true...can give all the fans who go to 417 concert in Sing too?
*pretty please?*

Happy 11th Birthday to youuu 五月天!:))

This was the press conference video link, haven't had time to catch it yet
Putting it up first so you guys can enjoy!:))

DNA 五月天 世界巡迴演唱會 *變形DNA DVD is out today!
It hits stores on 300310.
Go get yours now!
I'm so excited!:D
but i can't rush off to the stores to grab one yet, cause mine is on the way from me buggers,yays so i have to curb rushing down to grab a copy like now. hahahaa.
excitement bobbling up and down.

Now you guys know where there is so many mayday post this month;)
well, just really an good excuse actually..hehe :P

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