Friday, April 2, 2010

22 in 15mins.

lilalienations: ashin was cheekily trying to con everyone that there would be a change in the DNA concert which was upcoming in the many countries, and they would not be appearing. Read it here. I think it was a epic fail, no one believed it, well at least not in the blog...hahaha. ashin:P Here's the schedule for the upcoming concerts.

What a busy day friday was. Was going to have dinner celebrations with the buggers, but before that i went with Orange to catch her bro's SP FYP on display. School of Architecture & the Built Environment (new edits after being corrected by orange:)) anyway. Some of the works on display there were really good. Even though, i must admit, i can't really understand, but from how it looks, you can see the ones you enjoy and some not so much. Orange told me her bro was overall in charge for the whole event, or something in that sense if i remembered it correctly..correct orange san?:) wow. not too bad, i'm sure he'll be a promising architech someday. ;)
I didn't manage to take any with orange. So heres one i took for the bro and sis. I think cause i was around he was a little apprehensive? shy to take picture with his sis. I saw more photos in the set later when orange mom came...:)
Orange took this, it's her bro's writeup
I quite like this writing.
Quirky. Smart. Nice.
I enjoy this kind of not in your face introductions.

Yesh yesh. and after that must also thank ms jiraporn for accompanying me inside the braun sholp and fossil shop to choose choose and ask ask and poke and probe. the end we ended up with what i thought was a good buy.
xie xie orange!

Next meet the buggers for the march baby celebrations...
off to
First time been actually there. passed by the building countless times...
i wondered if i was going to get lost.....double checked the map. put on my headphones and lets goo! I thought it was going to be very far..but it turned out to be much much nearer than i expected...haha...just a little over bugis street. i was there before i knew it! When i reach i saw no one, so i decided to one answered...-_- hahaha...then i called diy. luckily she answered and was there already!:D yay.
they reached shortly.
We were considerably on time for 'once in a blue moon' hahaa...:P
So when your early, and theres 2 new cams to play with (diy's and jo's)
What do you do?
you would have guessed correctly by now. (well, if you frequently pop by)
we take pictures!
many many pictures! shoot shoot shoot!XD
Yay! I like this one....!:D someone's headless..0.o
we took many many more but these were the few i enjoyed best. :D
o. btw. those were taken as multiple shots by Diy's new canon G11.
way cool. ;))
ok. just one more outside before we head in yea?
With my two lovely kids!:))))

And now we're inside!
15 minutes @ lasalle.
the place is really quite awesome.
great atmosphere. service and food!
Well...and nice place to just shoot shoot and be shot! so yesh, the rest of the post will have loadsa more photos of us...hee:P
jib was sitting next to me. He spotted lotsa pretty babes. And found one Ruby;)
Where's the rest? I know there's more buggers.
yesh. you are right. some came'll see who..after their stuff.
rek was sick. poor thing. and yee was at work and couldn't join us.
i really like this photo.
cause everyone looks so happy!
Happy people makes good photos.
checking out jo's new cam. so fun.
so many new cams to check out!
excuse me.
was just trying to cover my round face to give you the illusion i'm thinner.

another look @ 15 minutes.
eeshaun's work was on that pillar there too!
Card writing time!
birthday cards.
we are so used to it we just openly write the cards in front of each other. hahahaa:P
well. it's the content that matters after all right? ;)
jib emphasizing to us how much he hates veges in his food.
yay. sis arrives!:D
she ordered blue cheese pizza!
adventourous eh.
so we all tried a lil. the first time i took the not so potent looking white side.
i thought it was fine, but i think the rest looked as if they could have fainted after eating it.
so someone dared me to eat the potent looking blue side.
ok. why not?
*adventure is out there!* muahahaha.:P
i wasn't exactly very worried because i already had my meal ( though the rest had theirs too), the worst cheese, or so i thought was when i was cold and hungry on a plane ( sound so 'chee cham' (pitiful) hor...lols) then we were served cheese, you know those one whole chunk cheese?
Yea. those kind. cold and with a plain biscuit. Even though i was freaking hungry (when your hungry everything should taste good. no?) no. the cheese tasted so bloody horrible. Thinking about it now i can still remember how awful that was.

So no blue cheese on a full stomach was going to take me down! Anyway, i was ready with a glassful of water just in case. :P It was quite alright to me. Just salty. nothing really much to it. i think.;P i conquered the blue cheese pizza. *cues dramatic music.*
it's probably a far cry from the real chunk of blue cheese i guess.:P
next up meng meng kor.
arrives. after getting lost. hahaha:P
our "birthday cakes"
looks real pretty. :)
suddenly i realised. i didn't eat much of the cake. i was busy snapping.
i like the left one.
give a guess why. it's easy.
it has chocolate ice cream!:D
make a wish make a wish
sho nice.
i get to make a few wishes this year because of all the kind people who got me cakey! :D
alamak. 2 candles only. dunno which one to extinguish.
so look where my eyes are.
yesh. the choco ice cream again.
We are twenty 2!
Happy Birthday Ting. Jh.
Selamat Hari Jadi!
Otanjobe Omedeto!
Present time!
big blue treasure bag!
sis gave me this!
( my one eye big one eye small..0.o boo. too bad only had one shot of this.)
so cool eh. my first hand drawn card!:D thanks sis
say awwww
i'm still bobbling up and down with excitement..those who have read two post ago would know why. ;)
the box pakaging was awesome.
useful gift eh.
neko pillow case. :)
ting is so busy!
so many things to unwrap!:D
real nice bag!;))
passed around for enjoyment.:)
*alert* attention to be focused to the background of the picture.
Not the foreground :p
We were behind (figuring. well ming kor lah. because he was still at farenheit.lols) who was monster. ashin. stone. masa and ming. :)
that lampost reminds me of Singgginggg in the rainnn.
Just singginggg in the rainn~
o. i love that show.
all the pretty ladies on the other side of the table. ok and of course a dude.
a group shot is a must.
make that 2 :)))
hearts all.
thanks for the great dinner:)
I totally love this picture. beautiful beautiful beautiful!
after dinner. it was off to tau hway!
there. i'm at it again. *refers to above if you have no idea what i'm saying:P
it was so bright it seemed as if the sport light was casting on us.
bie and jo went to help us buy. thank you thank you!
while the guys....were sitting down...-_- o welll~

Last pic of the day.
Lets say goodbye to ms butterfly and mr you tiao and mr soya bean milk at rochor!

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