Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Birthday Celebration at Yummy Viet

Went to celebrate Louise's Birthday, this time with the whole gang. :)
Louise brought us to this vietnamese eatery in smith street on Chinatown for Vietnamese food.
Hope she felt more at home though, i'm sure its still a far cry from it.
And of course. The menu and the menu girls to introduce the good food.
Why is my eye always being one eye big one eye small. hahhaaa.
Spring roll. we ordered summer roll too, but didn't take picture of it.
I like spring roll better. heh:P
one of the main dishes we ate. the rest. i think have no photos or was not taken by this cam. *photos courtersy of cherie*
this is beef pho.
I don't eat beef, so i didn't manage to try it, but pho is nice.
I ate Chicken Pho!
The rest all agreed. so if you all try Vietnamese food next time can try their pho. (just remember to take up the basil leaf or avoid biting into it. I realised, most of us didn't know how to appreciate the taste.) But the Chicken pho is good if you go there! me like!
Gigantic fishballs!:D
Vietnamese coffee.
I ordered the ice coffee. usually they would drip it in a small cup and then you can pour it into the ice yourself, more authentic...:P
here they get it done for you.
Louise was so nice when she realised i didn't manage to see my dripping coffee, she helped me order in vietnamese for another cup. *feel so guilty* and thanks to her. i had one of my favourite tasting milk coffees!
I highly recommend vietnamese coffee o!;)
who wants to go with me next time? ;)) hehs.
Here are some of the girls.
ahh! i realise something. all of them are from over the sea. just like me.
i am literally over the sea straits from malaysia only. so near. hahaahaha....
the pressie they got her!:)
nice mushroom!
candy got her this.
Cute little annoying hammer. haaa!
It sings happy birthday when you hit someone with it.
it is really cute. just don't hit the same person with it more than 3 times...if not the song will get stuck in your head! hahaa.
Make a wish!
What did you wish for louise? :)
A group picture before we leave!:D
This picture is really nice.
While on smith street.
there is something which is also one of my usual must haves!
Ah balling tang yuan!
i didn't have any because i was way too full!
usually if i pop by smith street and it's open i'll have some!
though it gets too sweet sometimes...no iso. :P
Jend has nomnoms of ah balling! yummi!
Looking so cute
After meal we had desserts!
Just next door at Smith Street.
And of course another group photo!;))

Talking about tang yuan i feel like eating one now.
they say you look like what you eat.
no wonder i'm round.

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