Sunday, April 11, 2010

Overseas and back in one day.

We went overseas and got back in the same day. Man. we must be rich. lols. so-not. We just went over the sea. straits of malaysia. and got back at night. It felt like a normal outing if not for the fact that we had the hassle of bring our passports in and out.

Went over to JB, but our first stop wasn't City Square o. Ok, we did bypass there first, but we didn't spend most of our time there this time....We cabbed over to Plaza Pelangi, with the help of Pause, because, wasn't too sure where this salon was going to be. Pause was very nice to meet us up first at city square. :)

I remember going to Plaza Pelangi as a little kid, we stopped going there because, I can't really remember why either, i guess it was due to the sproutings of the many other malls...:P It really, hasn't changed much. First stop, off to the high end beauty salon...where Ms Fishy has been wanting to go to to get her hair done.

That was kinda the main aim for the trip this time round. She had to spend a total of *yawns* five or was it six hours overall on everything. From colour to rebound to cut. If i were richer, i would love to go for that shop's stylist pampering too. but. too bad. i'm a stingy poker. too ex.lols

In the meantime, jy and I went to sing K! Woohooo! :D I thought the prices was quite good! Worth more visits! heh heh!:p Didn't take many pictures for the day though...
this is the only photo i have of plaza pelangi's red-box. We went at the time where they had lunch buffet and singing package. the food was so-so only:P but the drinks were rather nice:) this was the buffet voucher.
Didn't have any photos of us singing, because too dark..handphone can't shoot. lols:P
Was waiting for ling to pop up, too bad her hair was done the same time as our singing.
We were saying she should just moved up and do her hairdo in the Redbox k room...haha:P
o. mysterious girl.
After that was dinner!
Kim Gary at City Square.
yesh. we went back there.
the girls were famished....
luckily they enjoyed the food. :)
Next time we can try other things. and next time, must bring that orange also. :)))
shopped abit. here and there.
then it was time to go home.
This was on the busy home already .:))
next time all of us go together..
again. :)
Shop and sing.
no hair do-ing.

over the sea and back in one day.

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