Saturday, April 3, 2010

初戀紅豆冰 Ice Kacang Puppy Love.

初戀紅豆冰 Ice Kacang Puppy Love.
阿牛 (directed and produced by.woohoo.) If your finding his name familiar, yes, his the guy which brought you the very famous song 對面的女孩看過來. (my mum used to like him very much too!:P) Must support yo. The movie is based on his own childhood experiences while growing up in Penang.A malaysian production, so many malaysian big stars. And of course must support lah, 阿牛 and I from same hometown. wohohohoho...lols.

Here's the trailer:

This show will boast a stella cast of malaysian stars, as quoted from Star Power (they did a very good writeup for the movie if anyone's interested to read:)) :
Lee Sinje – the reigning Queen of Film, best actress winner for The Eye (2005)
Victor Wong Ping Guan – the bespectacled Prince Charming, and formerly the half of Malaysian pioneering pop duo Michael and Victor
Fish Leong – the Princess of Love Songs, one of the best-selling recording artistes in Taiwan
Gary Chaw Ge – the melancholic Prince of Romantic Ballads and one of the fastest rising stars in Taiwan.
Here's the official site.
Yesh! I wanna watch this show!:D
Don't know if its coming...
if not i'll hop over to catch it or get the disc for it.
Looks interesting.
Feels very much like a indie feature film.
me like.

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