Tuesday, April 6, 2010

my first 22nd celebration of the year.

lilalienations: i can't seem to log into my hotmail proper, these few days. so if anyone has anything urgent, sms me instead.;)

this was taken way back @ rp before joyce flew off. Decided to put it up here because its of all of us and i realised i totally forgot to do a post on this..=X whoops. hahaha..:p
my zoo girls:)
from right to left dada is the youngest. jojo is the eldest and one awesome pretty babe!;)
I'll try to random in the other few photos we took in rp in between. heh;)

My zoo girls were the first to celebrate my birthday with me on march 10 one day before my birthday ( and there was a paper the next day. -_-) haha, but it ends up it's one of my last birthday post for the year of 22...haha...not i bias o..:P I just gotten the pics that's why. :) Didn't manage to gather too many pics.

Met dada. mekmek (who's helping take the pic) and jojo first.
this time it was ching's turn to go missing.
we went frantic because she didn't turn on her phone, we were so worried she'll end up in the wrong place...hahaha...:P usually. that's meimei's job, i guess they take turns getting lost.;P
tadaa. here's meimei and dada.

Guess where we went to makan?
No need guess already.
it's already in the pic written so big-ly (no such word i know:P )
Pepper lunch! me like me like!:DDD
All thanks to dada for helping coordinate for us, so that i could have my nice christmas birthday dinner. :)
I somehow feel in this picture both of us look like kids. hahahaa....:P
Jojo is forever looking so pretty!:) while we were dining we were still waiting for our lost 'vacuum' hahaha...:P
Finally she arrived! :D
notice her poison ivy fingernails....hahahaha..:P
so while she eats...we all have our dessert and little treats.
me and jojo both enjoyed our caramel ice cream..nice!:D though it got a little too sweet towards the end...hahaha...
Dada has mash potato...and weirdly it had a green tea aftertaste. o.0 i'm not kidding. i wonder why....
Jojo or was it meimei suggested we did the service survey form so that we can win a free meal back here again! hahahahaa. and on the side of the survey plastic carrier i realised there was a small
"Happy Birthday" written by some annonymous person.
gosh. what a coincedence.
well. i want to believe that it was written for me.
heh heh. :P
and after dinner it was pressie time!
see what jojo was trying to do...?
hahahaa. cover cover. hide hide.
weee~ unzip unzip.
they asked me to guess.
i guess correctly!
because..i played cheat, i saw the polka dot dress through the bag:P
Says HI!:DDD
they were asking me something...i can't remember what it was..i was busy fiddling around with minnie..oo. i think it was something like minnie will be very lonely without a companion....Xp
I think i said...nvm got me ah!
Then jojo went o. alamak. cannot. your a girl also...*cue. slaps forehead action* lol
and so with that dada and mek mek took out the second bag from i have no idea where.
and tatata daaaa! It was MICKEY MOUSE!
my two new lovely kids and the lovely card. :)
this is call a cut away shot in film. because joyjoy isn't in the pic. so must cut away to a group shot. hahaa:P good excuse.
even though joyjoy wasn't there she sent me a happy birthday message during the dinner too.
sho sweet.

so what happens when you leave 5 girls. 2 cameras. a few handphone cameras. 2 cute plushes. all together?
Yesh. that's it. it'll be photo taking time.
though without the last two items we will still shoot here there and everywhere;P
They can even stand! Xp
meimei say this are my two new kids.
*literal translation* Dragon phoniex babies.;P
o yesh. ching was chatting with us about palm reading and all. it was so interesting.
but i'm leaving it as that. hahaa.though mine isn't all that bad. ;)) heh.
It's my birthday.
and i'm entitled to be more vain and have a few solo shots. lol

And here comes shots with the birthday girl.

*ahems* that's me.
the say hi pose!
sorry ah ching. i was being over high. lols;P
meimei was looking so very very cute. the whole attire and hair style.
our lost sheep is getting more and more fashionable. pretty!:D
with dada.
she wore skirt for my birthday date out!
:)) nice.
Group shots on any dateout is a must!
ah ching. can't see ya.
But this photo is really cute:))

i love my zoo zoo!
next up dada's turn to turn 22!

and so...i didn't manage to random this in...so i'll just put it behind here...:)
@ the sta side corner walls:)
ok. i should have edited it a lil to make the skys brighter...but i kinda like it naturally too.:)
I can't look cute like jojo can.
but i can be goofy!
and finally to end of with a picture of great pals under the vast blue sky on a green grass patch. :)
joyjoy. we miss you much.


  1. btw, juz wondering where is it for the last 3 pics.. aimst? nott?

  2. the last 3 pictures..the one taken on the green grass patch?
    Those were taken at my school-republic poly, the grass patch there. :))