Thursday, April 15, 2010

April 17th. Mayday. S.H.E. In Singapore! :)

Welcome Welcomes to both groups i like to the singa city

Just in case anyone missed out today's edition of Mypaper (14th April) the coverage of this saturday's two concerts to come.
Mayday. SHE.
You can still read the online version of mypaper here*. i think they'll keep it archived for 30days before they take it down...;)
or you can check out the printscreen i did here if it has been taken down already...

Clash of the two favourties. :)
nahh. nothing so violent. both of the group/band are good friends, so no fighting to talk about.
Let it just be a night where both Mayday fans and SHE fans rejoice because they are both in town!

April 17th 2010
Mayday DNA Unlimited. Singapore National Stadium.
S.H.E is the one. Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Blue and red.
rmb to bring your blue lightsticks if your going to mayday's concert and red for she's :)
some people have been asking me where i buy mine...i usually buy them from bugis street or tekka mall.:)

Who are you going to rock out with?

Just nice.
blue is my favourite colour.
3 more days!
o. technically speaking. it's 2 more days!


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