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五月天Mayday brings people together. :)

Mayday DNA Unlimited 2010 World Tour
Singapore pitstop.
April 17th 2010
Singapore National Stadium, Kallang.
Yay! This is the new wall paper i just did today!
Feel free to make it your desktop wallie if you like it!:) i've changed the resolution and size so it fits A4, should fit your screens snugly!:D weeee~
if you decide to share it anywhere else. give credits when due ya.:)
Mayday DNA 2009-2010 W0rld Tour
That's a lightstick by the way. You'll see it again later ;)

This is an picture intensive post.seriously. no joking.
So get ready!;)
You have been warned!
Get ready to feast on all the concert pics!
of course not all. because that would be too many. it's already full of mayday after filtering;P
Mayday was on Channel 8's new's also. Check out the video here**

sometimes words can only be a complimenting dish. in this case, it compliments the main dish of pictures. galore of photos. :D

My tickets my tickets and Ling's Ticket!:) I woke up bright and early and like a kiasu person from Singapore, camped in front of the computer on Sistic's page. Refreshing every few seconds before the ticket sales, just so worried my comp will lag. (choy.) Though it's not the fastest but i still manage to snag tix in cat one middle. That means either A3 or A2. I got A3, the middle of A3, not the best of the best. But good enough! At least i manage to get from this cat. :)
And so I waited and waited for April 17th to come.

I don't often do big splurging on myself, so this is my birthday present to me. :) expensive. but definitely worth it. haha
I wanted to get the DNA dvd set as a full set pressie together but the buggers got me it already. :)
It's still on the way...*gosh. i'm getting so jumpy already* because i saw it selling at the merchandise store and so wanted to grab one! hahaha...:P
abby...has the plane landed yet? heh:P

the new shirt i bought for DNA concert!
Rock,Love & Peace.
all for the rocker spirit from the beatles and beyond, to make the world a better place.:)

Met with Yijin at woodlands station to take the circle line together to Stadium mrt station. What a coincedence the opening also falls on the same date!:D Jinjin, was going to watch S.H.E in the indoor stadium. So just nice we could go together. :)Lucky though SHE and Mayday like to "chiang xia" taunt each other, but it all happens in the name of good fun, so no crazy rivalry between fans or such nonsense. Good band/group fans should be friends just like them!:D heh. I support them both! wootx.
the back of the shirt. Really like the theme of this shirt. :)

Jinjin accompanied me early to go to the merchandise store, because i wanted to get the shirt and more importantly the landyard. But sob sob sobs. :((( The landyard was sold out already. again!:( any kind soul wanna help me purchase and ship to me? i'll pay. :D *puppy eyes* or anyone knows anywhere that we can purchase it?*hopes hopes hopes*
my concert buddy. :))
To my biggest surprise, Ling was early! Much earlier than i expected anyway! Wow weee!:D
So we queued for the merchandise together. and still no landyard. WHY?! :(
but i guess as consolation.
we were given free posters when we got the shirts and lightstick.
so. a little better. :)
then we accompanied jin jin to find red lightstick at Indoor stadium merchandise store, but realised it was only sold upstairs, and because we all needed landyards, good quality one we all got one.
yesh. SHE version landyard. is nice lah:)
but still i really wanted and still hoping i can land my hands on a DNA landyard.
*hopes n pray more* lol

Jin was waiting for her friends to it together and i think also sian to go up and then come down again so we decided to walk over to leisure mall for dinner first. :)
initially just wanted to drop jin off safely to her friend (sounds like shes so small. lol. eh. crowded mah. easy to get lost. hahahaha) but, when we met her friends they were so kind to share the two extra seats they found with us. Xie xie xie xies!:) So nice of you guys;)
Mayday! Here we come!:D
well. after the queues and chaos that is.
After dinner.
It was time to head to concert.
no wait.
head to chaos.
*too bad i don't have the pics from ling, if not it'll be so interesting to see how loooong the queue went*
Because the National Stadium had soo many entrances, it was not immediately clear which way to walk towards. And the organisers didn't put up any clear signs, well, not that it was prominent to me. After much asking we were on the right track towards the correct entrance queue.
Concert's DNA balloon. Inside the national stadium.

The queue was wayyyyy long. It was snaking slowly, and stopped for the longest time. I read, it was due to the rain, that's why the original plans to let people in at 6 got pushed behind till one hour later.
And another reason i think is probably cause the organisers were not prepared for the crowd, just think NDP, all the many different organisers needed just for a smooth flow. They were really outstaffed, and underprepared. I guess, this things need experience, usually in the Indoor stadium the longest is not that long too...:P hahaa...
Inside national stadium already. :) left screen of the stage.
After much delay i think mayday and probably their record label rock records thought the show has to start. The show must go on!
And wooosh. no more checks, they just let everyone in, just holding the tix up for them to see, they didn't even have the time to tear the tix.
ahhh. see these fans here. so much effort to get one. and i can't believe i even tried to get one. As it was chaos, everyone was jostling for the fans, knowing me, i totally do not know how to push and jostle. But then i wanted one, how like that. lol. Ling encouraged? me to go get one and waited for me at the side. I squeezed my way in only to be squeezed out again. >:( lousy. hahaha. unskilled. so when i finally got near to get it i saw it got snatched away right in front of me, yipes. During the process of snatching i think a few about 2? flew to the floor, right below my feet. so. take lah! hahahahaa....:p alamak. such a tak glam story. lols:P
The other 2 was after the concert we found them lying around so we rescued them home, tsk. this people really dont know how to appreciate, then want to snatch. double tsk.
so that was my very 狼狈 or story of the paper fan. lols.
Ling and I, after queing for the longest time.
Just to show you it was really people mountain people sea!
The venue moved from the original venue of The Padang to the National stadium to accomodate more people. Make it bigger and better! Woohooo! I heard the total number of spectators were more than the 2 days of concerts add together from last year (1萬4000人), that's just how big it was!1萬5000人!That's 15000 people(?)! wow.
Finally we got to see the stage!:)
My lightstick!:D
Ling say, take photo before open, if not the wrapper no more that's why i did a few snaps of it:)
all throughout i was worried i would lose the tickets and lost this little girl here.
i grabbed the tix tightly, scared it someone bumped into me i might drop it. it sounds crazy, but you should have looked at the amount of people that night. lol
then after i kept the tix, i made sure i grabbed Ling's hand like a mother hen not to lose her.
The crowd i tell you. So easy to lose people in it! hahaa...:P
I saw two friends fighting because they coudn't find each other because one's phone went dead, (yes, they eventually found each other that's why they could squabble a lil)
So, i didn't wanna repeat any more drama, going to a concert, must be Happy!
Ling's version is the unwrapped Lightstick. mine is the unwrapped version-yet.
Safe and sound! Touchdown!
The rain made all the chairs wet, the ground met and turning muddy.
after we dried it and sat down we blew the clapper thingys sponsored by singtel. The blue clapper in the above pics.;)

oo. atmosphere atmosphere!:D
so many mayday fans all around!
everyone's all excited!
Taadaa! That's the blue lightstick!
Yesh. for a mayday concert. it's officially or unofficially a Blue lightstick.
fave band always go with fave colour!

this light stick is truly quite awesome!
there are like 3 different kind of light modes to it. Can change according to what you like!nice!
Concert Commences!!!!
Scream your lungs out and wave your lightstick and singggg like there's no tomorrow!

From here on i'll (try to) just let the pictures tell the story. ok. maybe some words here and there;)
First costume appearance!:) Looking very good.
Ashin looked good but i didn't manage to capture him in this costume, the guy in front of me was too tall. -_-;; lols
But for Monster and Masa fans who have poped by here.
Rejoice you shall!
from my angle. The clearest person to me was Monster!
so i have many many photos of him! haha
See that big bear head there? When they sung DNA Masa wore it out, he took it out so he could better see the crowd, he could still play his bass even with that big bulky mascot head on!kudos! I didnt manage to capture a shot on that, maybe ling did..
I wanted to take a second shot, and i realised. eh! the head's gone already! hahaha...:P
Crazy world.
I love the song they sing in this segment.
Songs from their old hay days.
They invited kids from (if i'm not guessing wrongly, maybe some charity organisation) up to perform with them
finally a pic of masa. i tilted abit so i could have a better view of masa away from the tall man in front.
the first decent pictures of ashin for the night:)
i'm sorry ming. you were so hard to capture. far right of the stage. And when i get get any pics of you, you are drown out by your drums....:P
DNA transformer robot appears!
very nice. :)
but in the reports i read, the rain caused alot of damage to the bot, lightnings and instruments.
The bot was supposed to be able to move left and right hand's and legs(?) but because of the malfunction due to the rain, i'm guessing it short circuited some stuff. The bot could only move its left or was it right hand..what a pity.
they went out to the second stage.
this scene was very nice. only that it isn't clear. -_-'' to far way.
This was wayy behind us. So that the second part of the stadium can also get close view of them.
when everyone left, it was up to bot and of course ming to keep us company on stage!
I thought the lighting for the bot at this time was o-so-awesome!!:D
Just to give you a feel~;)
Next costume change! They had 4 in total. :)
I wasn't kidding when i said i had a good view of monster. Orange would have enjoyed it, cause she likes monster!:D
Notice! i realised monster's hand are of so many positions, it seems that apart from putting his hands naturally on his guitar, he doesn't know where to put it when his guitar is down.
Just take note when you see the photos of him and you'll get what i mean;P
This was talking. Introducing the members, and them saying their feelings for the night.
Stone was talking about SHE. hahahaa...:P
Masa also talked about SHE, saying we must beat them in terms of time. We'll stay longer and later!
Masa said though it was half way through the concert, but judging from the way he sweated it looked as if he had finished the whole concert already!
in the mean time, the rest were standing around, ashin was profusely wiping sweat with that white towel.
they were talking about their concert being the last to be held in the national stadium, hence after it will be closing down. (close down long time already, hasn't it?)
then masa said, he hope next time we would still be able to hear them under the sky...but wonder where they can hold it.
Someone shouted out in his/her house..then masa jokingly said :五月天最讨厌说大话的人因为我们也爱说大话!
masa you all 说到做到! so we still love you all!
Note Monster's akimbo pose!
now hands on face:)
hands towards chest!
o. wait. ashin's doing that pose too! hahaa...
finally! a picture of ming.
Ming told us he brought his darling daughter baby rose out of the country for the first time.
woohoo. it's to Singapore, here!
Hi baby Rose!:))
he say he is kinda regretting having the concert outdoors, because he never knew Singapore can be this hot!
then ashin told ming, anyhow, stone wins you, because you brought one.
he brought two. lols.
Hello baby Stone(s)!:)
At some point when ashin asked if we wanted to go home. of course not!
whether we wanted to stay later than SHE. Of course!
Very good. Like band like fans. Very competitive. lols.

He was saying the first time they performed outside taiwan with tix sales was in Singapore.
wow. :)))
From then, they always dreamed of performing in a place with no roof, everyone under the stars.
Suddenly the night before he realised, they did it.

Everybody hand in hand!
Monster's hands behind his back! ok. i should stop noticing where he places his hands...haha..:P
I shall stop my chattering a lil for you to enjoy the pics:D
so clear. that we can see the droplets of sweats. imagine the heat.
the only time i get to see the 3 guitarist together.

grr. i hate that lightstick. this photo was supposed to be awesome.
great colours. clear shot.
lightstick in the way

in the few pics you can really see stone enjoying himself in his solo.

rock on out man!
monster's solo turn

the famous back strumming guitar!:D

i love how the screen zoom into his hands on the guitar and yet i'm still able to see him as a whole.

masa's solo!
this dude is so focused!
he does not look up at all. all into his solo.
pass on the baton to ming!
Ming's solo!
too far away. so captured it like that to be able to see both the drums and the drummer.;)
i always love drum solos.
there was the piano solo in between, but i was blocked from it, so no photos for that.
end of solos.

guys go into change.
ashin went in earlier before all the solos. his throats needed a short break and he takes the longest time to change! hahahaa...:P
Next costume change.
Very cute. :)
Hoodie shirts!:)

The mysterious one.

i like the background for this song...
If i'm not wrong its the song John lennon?
is what the world needs more.

Looks as if Stone purposely posed for me XD
guys. we're over hereeee! behind you.:P
ashin's singing.
*looking intoxicated*

singer. guitarist. drummer
the mascot for the concert
DNA bear.
they threw the DNA ribbons to the fans. Each member threw towards their side.
I was a little too far, ok, rather far away, because it only reach probably the third row? ahahah
Ashin. Stone and Monster went to the second stage to do LOVE game.
L. O. V. E!
Masa and Ming was on stage.
Here's Masa playing Love with the people from the first stage.

Here's Ashin thanking the sponsor.

the side of the stage. Due to the rain i think the whole panel of lights on the left side was randered dead. I was wondering what happen during the show, after reports i do believe it was the evil doing of the shower earlier on rendering damage to many equipments.
thanking of sponsors and people who helped out. He always remembers a few, then will pull out a paper list from his pocket because there are too many! hahaa

yay! another picture of someone who looks like they posed for me. lol:P
thank you masa!;P
and Happppy Birthday to you!!
May you find someone special this year Masa!:D
one of my most favourite pictures of the night.
love the guitarist. clear. but the cream on the cake is the backdrop.
ling and I both liked this song's backdrop. From a globe to the moon.
The moon shifted from cresent to a full moon.

sil·hou·ette (silhouette)
if you notice the spelling made in some dictionary form, that's because i failed my spelling. i couldn't remember how in the world to spell that word correctly, so i had to it...aish. -_- my english teach would be so proud of me. not.
I like this silhouetted pic, actually i have quite a few but i guess i'll only put up this one, not everyone enjoys silhouetted pics:P
before the silhouetted pic, the picture was supposed to come out like this.
but then the lights decided to do something else...thus i had the treat of a special effect.
woah! catch the reflection!
a few takes before the lights were favourable for a clear shot. hahaa.
then i turn around and saw ling shooting, ashin, stone and monster on the other stage and thought, this look like a nice shot.
turned out quite cute didn't it? ;)
love the logo.
Thanks for enjoying the night with me gal;) Hope you enjoyed yourself loads too!
Let's look forward to the next one...and hopefully next time, no. we must, get our landyards the next time round;) heh:p
this was on the second stage. Just wanted to show the bright spotlights casting on the heroes of the day...
i didn't get any good pictures of the last bow, but i think i did put up a few on fb if interested. :)
another last silhouette. (yesh! now i know how to spell it without refering back! for now that is. aish.)
guess who is this?
yes. it's still the most photographed person of the day, monster. :D

fireworks fireworks!!!!!
people who know me, apart from mayday. i totally look forward and adore, fireworks and those colour lights here and there! nicehh!
sprinkle of light.
the reflection of the light on the confetti made it looked as if it were snowing....
fireworks and over exposed lights made it look as if the right side of the stage was on fire. lols.
more snow confetti!
the 'real' final bow.
good things always seem to finish so soon, especially since we are often spoilt by mayday for after midnight concerts. I guess they didn't wanna be fined (the company) for the overstay and there aren't too many venues to perform their concerts in Singapore, so in terms of understanding, they probably didn't want to leave a black mark with the venue organisers if not no more performing places means no more Mayday to see...gosh. that would be disasterous.
so...till next time 五月天 we will see you again!

Mayday DNA Unlimited 五月天变形DNA无限放大版 2010 in Singapore
finished with a blast
awaiting the next time we meet!
this is the stage after the concert. :)
too dark to take a complete one before it started so, here it is after it ended.
o yesh! and there were so many people i know who went to see mayday concert.
i met up with ah siaaaa!:))

brought poly bandmate. met polymate. chat with uni mate. and primary school mate and sec sch mate were all at the same concert.

Mayday not only brings good songs, concerts, atmosphere, fun and hope through their lyrics.
They bring people together!:)

rock.peace & love.

you guys rock on!:)
i do hope you guys take a good well deserving break before you all continue.
i'm sure it'll do you guys good.
a break is so as to be able to go further ( well i literally translated that from the chinese version;P)
and i guess many of us can see and feel the toll and strain uptaken upon you guys from the continuous running around for the world tour concert. i don't wish to admit it but i can feel it. I do agree with this article too, if you read the previous links i've shared, you would know what i meant.

And i'm sure,all those who like Mayday would wanna see them for a long long long time.
So take a good break and rest well dudes.
because good things are worth waiting for.
and for you guys?
more than definitely

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