Monday, May 3, 2010

Pardon my lack of post in the time being.

Will be a hard treacherous few weeks to come
so many things to do. so much stress on the way.
so pardon the lack of posts for a little while.
i will try to put up something once in a while when i'm 'free'
(for now 'free'. is kinda non existent word for me:( )

Jia you bahs!:D
Sometimes we look too far into the future and we forget to concentrate on looking at what's right in front and most immediate at the current point. If i look too far, i'm afraid i'll get lost in all the visions.
So, while i'm at it, i'll do my very hardest for what is right now. so as not to look back and saw what was which cannot be changed. The future can be moulded upon plans and thinkings, i am thinking. I am planning. but i want to live in the moment, making sure i get the things on hand at least correct for now.
i'm not as smart as you are, so maybe, i do not have big plans. or not so as the common man has.
I only have very small ambitions to you maybe. but. to me. those are the most important little things in life.

and towards those little things.
i will find a route to go by it.
maybe it'll be a little longer, cause, maybe i am not as smart, or maybe you think i do not plan well. i plan to do everything i have on hand to it's best then i'll carry on my next plan. doesn't sound much of a plan huh.
but. do your best and make the best of what you have. that's what the not so clever me does. maybe sometimes when i look too far, i can't see the pebble in front of me, i usually trip and fall and maybe cry, but i'll laugh about it, later.
and i've not regretted many things in my life, so, that ain't such a bad thing to go by...

Yesh, i will plan and think about it. i am, and have always been. just that. maybe i'm still finding the courage to sink foot into somewhere. you know i've lacked that since young. i've never been too smart. but i know i'll work hard when i find things worth fighting for and take pride in that.

i'm still finding a little lost. very frustrating.
but hang in there. i'll work hard on what i'm doing now.
and from there on. i'll start another chapter.
i've come a long way since the original plan i had as a kid.
i thought i would end up serving bugers in a fast food chain for the rest of my life...
not that it's anything bad, but i thought i probably wouldn't be much good.
but, hey.
i ain't that bad right now.

but i know its your way of teaching and caring, thank you.
i am thinking hard about it.
to anyone reading
So once in a while drop me a jia you if you feel like it. :)
i think i would need it. haha. Good to store some happy energy!

ps. don't ask me if i'm ok. ;)
i'm quite alright. thank you. :)

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