Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hope all has been well!

Hope all has been well. I have been not too well, been up to my neck, finally did a pitch today, can take a breather tonight before tomorrow starts.

I nearly rolled my eyes when she said " i guess you all are almost done with your post assignment." imagine taking shoes out and throwing in direction. hahahaah. at least we're done with this one. more up next...:( after bitterness come the sweets.

Jia you bahs!


Happy Mothers day to all loving mothers out there in the world. and me okasan! :D
Though this note on the post is a little late, but no worries, i have celebrated with my mom already. If you haven't had time, just give her a little ring to let her know
you love her, it's a frequent thing you know, ongoing?
If you have forgotten. shame shame on you. hahaahhaahaha...:P kidding. still let her know you always care. :) I also really hope Monster's mom would get well soon out from her sickness. Jia you guai shou mama!

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