Monday, May 3, 2010

mr flu. i so don't need you right now. :(

I wish i was under the bright blue sky on the green grass patch busking under the sun right now.ahhh. daydream a lil.
because, mr cold and mr flu decided to look me up on first day of class, i'm not feeling any better not to mention the head heaviness due to tomorrow's issue's in class. aiishk.
all thanks to mr cold, i'm feeling like a old grandma with aches. hahhaa.
maybe i should look for the bulb doctor!
ok. just being nonsensical.
these pics were from aussie time.
Say Hi to little lady bug whom i saw sitting with me under the bright blue sky.

back to work. and worring studies.

don't think i'll blog much soon.
be a nice human peeps.

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