Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy 51st Merdeka!

My dearest home country. Happy 51st Birthdayyyy!:))
May the new era bring about more opportunities for everyone.
With peace and prosperity growing in the country for all!
and also, may everyone live in peace without discrimination.
Your midway to a hundred....may there be many many more *infinity years of peaceful awesome years of independence!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


A feel good song. :) Have a listen to it...it'll lighten you mood. :)
ok, i admit, i first listen to this song because ashin help her co wrote another song-我不想念 (but no. i'm not putting up this song today) and i learnt that masa from mayday was going to be her male lead helping out in this mv. That was how i got to know of this song, well take interest in it anyway. I listened to it on the radio a fair bit of times and liked it but never really knew who sang it, so it was a plesant surprise find. :)) yay. and this is not out of biasness. I like this song. it makes the mood feel light:) so. go! Let your ears relax a lil;)

劉若英 - 風和日麗

日子像水蒸气 上气不接下气
幸好我遇见了你 谢天谢地
一整个银河系 因为你所以七夕
好像被晒到头晕 喝一口酸梅冰
暂时找到重心 可以松一口气
虽然物换星移 偶然中场休息
难得风平浪静 难得风和日丽
难得晴 难得雨 难得生命里有过你
难得有你可以 让我认得 记得 值得
难得 一年总有一天我的好天气
凝视你的单眼 凝结黑白底片
爱要的只是timing 不需要多聪明
暂时与暂时之间 等于时间
有些过眼烟云 来不及调整光圈
不是一见钟情 就能一言为定
过去还过得去 只是难免可惜
难得风平浪静 难得风和日丽
难得晴 难得雨 难得生命里有过你
难得有你可以 让我认得 记得 值得
难得 一年总有一天我的好天气
难得风平浪静 难得风和日丽
难得晴 难得雨 难得生命里有过你
难得有你可以 让我认得 记得 值得
难得 听说明天又是一个好天气


In a seperate issue, Masa was the special guest for Rene during her concert inTaiwan!
Super cute the two!:))

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Inspiration Light my bulb

I can't seem to get my assignment done though i do know what i want to write but i can't find the apt wordings to put it down in proper sentences and paragraph.

Clock is ticking. tick tock tick tock.

o. god.

and i realise that not everyone will takeup the goodwill offer. they will pour a bucket of cold water on you.but it could be thinking too much. cue Nicky's song
*i went to find a picture to make me feel better:)
aww. hugs.
May inspiration strike soon.
jia you jia you!

Monday, August 16, 2010

I don't wanna miss a thing (cover)

I love this cover!:D It's done by one of my favourite jap singer, ok, i can't call her a fave, but i like some of her songs:)))) and this cover i think is well done!

Yuna Ito

If you find this name familiar you probably listen to alot of jap songs like me (at random) or you remember her hit song "Endless Story" from the movie nana. Ilove that song to bits:)

now everyone say oooooooooo. ;))) Here. Have a listen to her cover version of Aerol Smith's hit song " I Dont Want To Miss A Thing"


Sunday, August 15, 2010

mom's bday @ dempsey barracks house.

Went to Dempsey for the first time last Sunday to celebrate mom's birthday. yea. i know. mountain tortise. hahahahaha:p
House @ Barracks
the interior is very nice!
this is the toilet sign for the guys for the girls its a cat.
more of the nice interior
the staff is also quite nice.
the only gripe i have to this place is that....for us...its sooo out of the place.
and the price.
but. you can guess so for such a nice looking place so no fault there...

good place to recommend if you want a place with good atmosphere.
good place to 'pak tor'

momsie and bro
corn soup.

We asked the waiter to help us take a photo but 2 out of 2 came out blur...hahaha
Managed to get the waiter outside to help us take a clear one.

*ling! look..its the dress we both have.
heh heh. :p

then off to the next stop near by for a drink. ..
the funny face. it runs in all of us.
red dot brewery
erm. smile?
Bro got a surprise cakey for mom
Looks really really nice.
and yesh! we had another good family pic take!:D
It looked very very nice. :))))
so sweet.
Happy Birthday momie:)
i love you.
yummy black forest from fourleaf!
i think the best birthday cakes must be from fourleaf!

thank you for trampling on my sincerity

i realised what mom said was right...poison words even if they were unintentionally cut as sharp as a razor.

i lugged it home and all the way only to realise it was unappreciated and unwanted.
nice. thank you for trampling on my sincerity so blatantly.

maybe i should have invested the sum in a little happiness.

next time i shan't play the unwanted hero zero and sing the unsung song, no one appreciates anyway, right. no one is going to. what for.

i guess all i can say is...

your welcome.

Monday, August 9, 2010

In Bangkok. Part One. Days @ home.

When we went to Bangkok, Orange's godbrother and family was kind enough to put us up at their house for the whole stay. So nice:))) When we reached her god bro pi-art ( i learned something new, pi-namehere is how you adress a senior) came to pick us up and the elder brother came to pick the the mom which also reached on the same day as us.

And off to the house we went...:D The mom looks like a beautiful gui fu kinda feel :)) You can see her in the other bkk posts i'll do next time...:)
our luggages! Guess which one's mine?
3 are here only cause orange stayed in her god bro's room...
From here onwards it is really all our zi-lian pictures doing random useless poses. so it'll be a good time to run away.....hahaha...:P
the slippers that they got at jj market.
jatujak market
my feet is in the yellow! but it's not my slipper! hahaha..:P
and yea. in thai orange say theres no 'ch' spelling...so its really jatujak not chatuchak.

Here comes all the zi lian photos.....
run people run.
Buy one get one free skirt!!
I think it was 100baht for 2! Cheap steal!:D
You'll see lotsa this..:D

the stack of dvds in the room...
we watched yes man.

making a call back home.
orange says it cheaper to call then sms.
we were using the thai prepaid card!

our bed!
ling and i slept on the pink bed. jy slept on the one beside us.

my turn to zi lian.
hmmx. photo taken without the face look so much more decent. -_-

share the fun yo.
i think we were waiting for orange so we took 1001 of these kind of pics...

see what i say? i can take nonsense photo and look better than taking ones decently posed. -__-'''
and then we did a series....

this was the day we were waiting for ling i think.
1st day.
outfit to go jj market!
excited wey!:D
it's jy's turn.
there! Heres the whole stack!
see. i'm excited.
because i look so horrible i need to do a little cover up. o pimples.scars. rashes and all the rubbish when are you going to go away? :(
guess who doesn't wanna get up? :P

Ok. Here's the end of all our zi-lianing at home while waiting for each other...

I will post up the rest when i get a more complete one from ling's side.
i love you.