Saturday, July 30, 2011

Convenience store goodies

Everytime i see Mayday or other idols i like doing ads for convenience stores like 7 eleven or family mart in Taiwan, i can't help but think WHY don't our convenience stores have such cute stuff too?! Not that often at least.....once in a very blue moon they do have if i must say.....move into the kawaii phase tooooo pls. hahaa

Here are some vids of the 7 eleven and family mart goodies with my faves:)

林依晨& 櫻桃小丸子 series. I likeeee!

I want!! i love xiao wan zi! its one of my first chinese cartoons that i fell in love with, still loving it now.

and then theres this recent one from my beloved mayday:)
Mayday X Family Mart X Astroboy series
the ads are done in a series of 5. its really cute!:)) Had a good laugh watching it:)


yay! for stone papa, he is the fastest of the lot! winner!

Ming's birthday just passed recently, Happy Birthday Ming!:)))

Despite dropping everything, he has an ok timing! not bad!

Yay! laoda second fastest!
so cute when he press the buzzer without the toy on the board....XD

Have a good laugh with this cute videos even if you don't love toys...

Friday, July 29, 2011

Still on Potter Fever (part 2)

Remember in the last post I promised there would be another awesome share on the finds of Harry Potter...? Here I am to share the awesomest parody comic series of the Harry Potter series i have seen thus far. I honest thought it was pretty good! These are works are done by Lucy Knisley, go check out the other stuff she did!;))

For now, check out the HP comics she did for the whole 8 movies. woo:) if the pictures are a tad too small to see, do click on them and they will open up bigger for your viewing pleasure!:) I first read this article via here.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's/Philosopher's Stone
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

Don't you think its actually quite brilliant she's able to capture the essence of the story and put them into 8 short pages of drawing?! :))) Go check out the rest of her site, pretty cool!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Mayday 3DNA Movie Official Trailer is here!

Mayday五月天【追夢3DNA】Coming to us on September 16!

I like how they made it a concert movie with 3 stories encircling around people who are intertwined with the circumstance which bring them to want to go to the concert.
I can't wait!
You can read up on more details here

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Still on Potter fever. (part 1)

Have you caught Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 yet? Well i have! Yay! finally!:) pretty awesome stuff...but wonder why it didn't mange to blow my socks off, but even if the review came out to be the lousiest show ever made (thankfully there's nothing of those) I would still pretty much like a fan girl go catch it. And I believe this consensus rings with many around the world, I read in the papers it open to a gross of almost a billion dollar, not million, in billions. One of the biggest openings ever to be made....

One thing to say, its definitely movie magic...i still haven't gotten over the fever after watching it on its opening day...i went surfing for more Potter magic....You can find most of the pictures i posted and more here* from this guy;) Check them out. .I chose some i liked to share with you guys;) I do realise some of the pics are quite small so you would have to click on them to open it up for viewing:)

if Harry Potter were in the version of anime...
I would watch!!
*the geek in me speaks.
haha. owned.
Starwars VS Harry Potter
Open to view, i think its a pretty interesting comparison, no match, of course Harry Potter Wins for me. :P
(the petronas of the deer doesn't come out very well, it's supposed to be in .gif format...)
the anti hero of the show became the most well loved character after 8 books.
after all this time..?
Snape: always.
wands out a deer petronas charm.
1.2.3 altogether now..

I always love sidekicks or underdogs in films and shows, people tend to forget the supporting characters in shows. I think they are the essence of the film, yea of course the main leads, but if theres only a leader and no follower, who the hell is the leader going to lead to war? ( but yesh, for this show, i love the main leads loads too) and in the series of Harry Potter I really grew to like the character of Neveille Longbottom and the Weasley Twins....argubly, I can't really tell if they're really leads or supporting because in the last show Neveille was moved up to be kinda a lead role...ok maybe I would put them under secondary leads. Love the goodness they add to the show and books....its like spice to make the dish taste just right:)

the cast of HP....
pic via here*
Holy smokes! That's the actor who played Neville!
He has transformed into quite a fine looking gentlemen!
From what I read in the papers, the make him wear shoes two sizes too big, specially made teeth and bigger clothes so as to give him a bigger build and i guess i more goofy look.
But nevertheless, i loved this character, and wow, matt lewis makes it easy on the eye too. :)
Here's a site dedicated to this character.*:)

ok, that's all for today, notice how its potter fever part 1?
means theres going to be a sharing of more potter fever stuff in part 2!

10years worth of movies...
a generation of magical moments.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I wonder who reads?

I write because I want to, because I like. because I want to share. Same as goes to my purpose in taking photos. Not to show off, but to enjoy the moment of thought.

Many people in the world nowadays have direct contact with the media on a day to day basis, that includes me and the person who is reading this right now, You. We are inadvertently influenced by the media we come across, deny it as fervently as you may, you can't deny your day to day way of existence.

Stop and take a look, open your closet, the kind of clothes you wear usually has been impacted by the things you see, Japanese fashion, K fashion, European fashion...Many of us read blogs and there are so many fashion bloggers out there, we read, we see, we absorb, pretty much like a sponge. I was always one quick to decide that I am not influenced by anything other than my own likes and dislikes, true enough, i don't blindly follow fashion I can't agree with, but maybe to turn it in a different view, it could be seen as I'm boring and not 'in' enough. I'm definitely fine with being that, if that is to be seen as so.

But recently I found out the words I sometimes use are pretty much influenced by the top reads I read on a day to day basis, and my thoughts and mannerisms are also in a way showing this trend too...I read cheesie's and fourfeetnine's blog frequently and to my very own surprise, I who hardly used the words fml and wtf have been influenced to use them even if I don't speak them out. They kind of appear in my head during conversations. Actually there are many other things which I can't think of at the moment which shows how easily the media can have its influence on us....

I realised, i could easily write a thesis on this if i wanted to. There, if your a student, and you need a topic, try this out, you'll have thousand and one arguments to write about.

Why am I sharing this mini thesis (unedited, unscripted, just from the back of my head) its just to show that sometimes when you see things don't just look at it on the surface, of course not every article or media related piece has a hidden agenda or a propaganda. The blogs I read are not going to teach you bad or anything, all I am saying is that, sometimes people like to ask about my blog...

I don't write to show off how smart i am, how eloquent i can be, or how witty my studies have made me or not made me. I basically started writing not for anyone, but just for the sake of liking to write and share, if someone sees it awesome, if no one, I would still write because I like flipping the pages of a photo album to recollect memories or time pieces left behind. Definitely having people enjoy your writings is a wonderful experience because a good book if only shared by one has much less joy than having it shared and discussed by a thousand, so i only only spend time being narcissistic, or just worldly...i write and share things which are close to me. I develop a reader's bond to anyone who cares to read. I thank you for reading, if anyone every does, it would be nice to know through a comment or something, but otherwise, i'll still keep writing and posting photos and pictures and encouragements and juicy exciting stuff...

i write because it makes me happy. I read because i like to gain info.
i take photos because i genuinely love to.

if your coming here just to see how well i write, if i score a e8 or a1 score in my kind of english writing, i suggest maybe asking for my school work would be faster.
adults, stop being judgmental.
stop trying to read me.
first impressions of me, never do me justice, i guess the representative i send out isn't very impressive.
or maybe i ain't impressive at all, but for one thing i know, i may not bring eloquent confidence in speech, but what i lack for in many areas, i bring it all back with hardwork and a willing heart.
if you start being judgmental with me, nothing is going to work out right ain't it huh.

thank you anyway.


Mayday 3 DNA poster

yeaps, its another poster again.
the last one was the hk version.
I think this should be the taiwan's version....
though I highly doubt they would do a local Sing version though...haha...

Coming Pretty soon!

I had the most awful day. and i realised no one was there.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

pieces of pisces

liLaLienations: you know, i can never spell Pisces right, though its been my starsign for 23years now....

omg. i'm just lazy. i knew it. damn. ok. goes back to bed.zzzz. original link left on pic:)

I initially intended to Re tweet these in twitter but decided upon it because i didn't want the rest of the twitter mates to get irritated by me flooding their timeline with my horoscope case you have twitter and start wondering which page i'm talking about..its this one. So you can go ahead and skip this read if you are not pisces and want to know nothing about me. (what are you here again for? hahaha...nono. pardon me. always welcomed! i share more stuff about everything else than those about myself...:P) and also because of the word count limit on twitter i can't put my nonsensical thoughts added on to the RT...(my thoughts go before RT which comes from the site)
before i start bombing you with my retweets (RT) i'll share what i found when looking for pictures of pisces...i left the link to the original site on:) this were supposing the good points of a Pisces person...if you are good friends with one....see if its true?;)
i sure wish the ULTRA popular was true. not happening yet. lols.but i think its good enough for me, no need to be that popular. wise? me? really? hahaa...i sure hope so!

This one is very true, but then again, issit because we're lazy? omg. it bugs me that i'm in a zodiac sign known to be lazy...noooo. i can be hardworking and am so when i know what i want to fight for...RT will often withdraw when things get to busy and complicated because they aren't aggressive or forceful.

mmm.RT Music and the creative arts provide a safe, structured environment for .

O. great. -.-RT tend to lack the positive fighting attitude sometimes needed to overcome challenges.

truetrue. Gotta admit. but i think its just more of me...RT will patiently ignore or tune out problems, hoping the issues will disappear on their own.

Yah. uh huh.but who likes to fight anyway?RT are a lover and peacemaker rather than a fighter.

no i do not. i am *unfortunately or fortunately?* not such a kind person. haa. take that. RT tend to give indiscriminately, letting others take advantage of their generosity and kindness.

ok. that'll be all of my RT for today....didn't see any others i felt like re-commenting on...:P

when theres the good side of a character...theres also bound to be a not so good side...these are the bad points for a pisces person.
indecisive and escapist. i admit. hands down. :(
i'm working on it...but it seems like a fight or flight reaction but i always subconsciously choose the i don't even really 'choose' do i.
tsk. needa improve on that.

o! btw. do you know one of my favourite scientist of all time (ok. i do not know many scientist)
Albert Einstein is also a Piscean? :)

but as my professor Dr B (thats just the nickname we like to call him by....) would say, don't believe in all this hocus pocus. He was the professor of psychology, man, i love that module. It was very interesting, i even loved the textbook. how cool is that. haha...He doesn't believe in things which cannot be seen or proven, he abhors psychics (i didn't know how to spell this word! omg. -_-) and has gone on national television to debunk the so called famous psychics in the states. woohoo! go Dr B!:D

He also don't believe in ghost and all those stuff, so astrology to him is probably phooey, and he will tell me not to take it seriously at all. Of course, things like this, i take them with a pinch of salt, i can't evolve my life to suit the zodiac sign i am right? But a little part of me, ok, quite some part do believe its true. But whether it is or not, i always remember to take the things i read with a dollop of salt just to keep things in check. you too, ok. :) and yes, i fully believe in the supernatural, but i also believe in the chinese saying that if we don't disturb them, then it respect remains mutual.

Yeaps, so much for my Pisces lil discussion and RT thoughts on them...
if you read this and know a pieces person, or me...tell me your thoughts!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ariel Lin quits acting for love...

*updates. she is back in the acting scene again, saying that she just needed a break and media had speculated too much into her words. Yay! :)) i'm glad she's still in this line, i love to see her act:))

 Omy! This came as a shocker, but after awhile thinking about it, i think it is about time she give herself a good rest too.... One of my favourite actress Ariel Lin 林依晨 from the famous idol drama It started with a kiss (惡作劇之吻) has decided to put a stop to her acting career finishing up her current idol drama I may not love you.
The main reasons cited were because of Love and having more time for the people she love...It is said that after wrapping up she will fly to the states to join her boyfriend there. I think another reason is also because after the operation to remove the cysts in her brain in 2009 she has yet to really take any good break at all, she is just a girl, a human being like you and me. She is probably very tired and wants a good rest, and what better time, now that she can join her boyfriend in the states rest and be nurtured by love.... haha...

I sure will miss her acting though. But i guess health and relationships are very important for every human being. And it humanizes her alot because we can see, she is after all, just a girl who needs pampering and love. :) She has been in this industry since she was since she was 18 (if i didn't remember wrongly;P) from 2001 till now...and she has appeared in two of Mayday's MV before! yay:D 相信 & 亂世浮生 Will miss seeing her on the screen...:( sure hope she will maybe someday make a comeback. :)) Jia you Yi Chen!

O ya! If your a fan, you can still catch her on weibo, its the chinese version of Twitter, here's her account*. :)

Related Articles: Here*. Here* and Mandarin one's Here*.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mayday 3DNA !

this is the movie poster for Mayday's 3DNA movie, omgomgomg.
So wanna watch!:)))
It'll be coming to us somewhere in late September.

Lets look forward to it!

Monday, July 11, 2011

things i wanna do...

i was looking through the net and i found this...(left the link on,you cancheck out her page, lotsa fun stuff to see:)
this person must be my long lost friend or something, or maybe she can read my mind....
my list is almost exactly the same except for the second one...i would to parasail but if i were to tweak it, mine would be bungeejump.

i would love to do that one day, and i get to do it soon before i get older and loose all my courage to do crazy adventurous stuff.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

let them will shine and stand to be stronger.

"When people hurt you over and over, think of them like a sand paper. They may scratch and hurt you a bit but in the end, you end up polished and they end up useless.” - Chris Colfer


really loving this quote. not that i have many people hurting me, or not that i can remember there are any, probably i'm the evil one. muahaaha.or i don't let anyone have a chance or second chance to scratch me. because i'm doubly good to those who treat me good, but if you like it otherwise, my chopper is always ready. hahaha...Hope the quote works for you too....:)

and when you meet people who are hurting,
give them a hug.
if not, give them a hug too,
its always nice to feel loved.

Hug like you mean it.

Friday, July 8, 2011

between friends - you just need to be there.

lilaLienations: dear readers/ people who really pop by to read my blog/ friends who read, if you all feel like commenting on any post do leave your messages in the comments link just below every post...i will read them! and am very happy to read them and reply!:) because my cbox is full of too many things, i sometimes don't get to see your msg because it gets lost in all the blabber....(if anyone ever do read my blog tt is. haa.) thank yous:D

Have been going to the library alot recently to borrow books and also comics and I came across this book. Points below.
Ling have been wanting to read this book for some time. She once said she aspire to be a 懒人。 haha...i think i secretly aspire to be one but i most probably am a 烂懒人。hahaa...
this author is really cute, i initially guessed it was a taiwanese author, but i was wrong, the author is from Korea, so this must be a translated version.

The book is pretty funny with the little antics the author does, but really, i don't think the author is really as much of a 懒人 as the title says because ultimately he did manage to finish the book.
He was trying ways and means to escape from the editor and publishers when the date was nearing, but still got down to work and finished it on time....haha...

its pretty funny, if you see it in the library or around go have a read;)
i liked quite a few pages he? or she? drawn/wrote.
especially the one below i'm sharing.
*pardon the bad scanning, i was in a hurry to return the book, in a haste i did a bad scan...*
Taken from Dori 懒人的日记 page 149.
*click on the pick to see a clearer view*

for those who don't understand mandarin, the gist is like this:
*Dori : the guy with the red hoodie
Purple head guy: Dori's good friend, Yam. *

Yam is feeling the blues and Dori being the accommodating good friend tries to cheer him up;

(first line)when he asks Yam what he wants to eat , Yam wants lobster so Dori digs deep into his piggy bank...*tries* well, its lobster after all you know.
(second line) Dori asks Yam if he needs help carrying stuff, in helping so, the boxes fall all over him cause he doesn't have enough strength...-_-;;
(third line) To cheer Yam up, Dori dances a Rain's (kpop super star) the lack of enthusiasm from Yam.
and in the ending line.
Dori: all I need to do is just sit here with you?
Yam: Yes, Just accompany me and listen to my stories...that will do.


sometimes it just takes very simple actions to make your loved one/friend feel better....
just be there.
listen and offer touch.
*eh! don't think dirty ah, you guys. tsk.*
i mean sometimes a hug, a hand to hold, a pat on the head and back, they can go a long long way in making a person in distress feel better.
and most importantly just be a friend,
don't judge.


Since i'm on the topic of Lib books..i must share this one too!
i really really loved this book!
it was so much better then i expected to it...
don't wanna returrnn!
haha..but of course i did.
i wonder how much it cost in the bookstore?
Someone buy this for my birthday!
if you see it in the lib and like reading intriguing thoughts and photos, go borrow this book.
its really good

Thursday, July 7, 2011

i like to take photos of unknown people taking photos.

this is a photo loaded post....not that many..but just to show you how i love to sneak photos of other people..especially the one directly below....families with little kids....:)) not that i want to sneak, but i guess most protective parent will recoil once they see some unknown stranger poking a camera into their kids faces....i can't help it have cute kids! be proud to show them off!:D i'll so let people take photo of my cute kids next time. #confident. hahahaha

(most favourite of the set)
Set 1: AsianFamily in the States. OKC.

i was very happy with this set because it was soo cold. my fingers were kinda cold but i still made sure i had this beautiful moment captured. And since they didn't seem to mind, i was happily going snap snap snap.
i think in the States, people might not mind as much when you smile at them and take photos of their kid and compliment how cute their kid is....
it could be just that i was lucky.
this kids were playing with the stroller when suddenly the kid in orange bursted into tears...i didn't stay to take the rest of what happen....because we were on the move...

and when i go out with friends i like to take photos of friends taking photos. of course i take full on normal pics aka posed pics with them too! haa...

ting n jh. :)
o! here's a photo of me being taken taking a photo. haha...
credits to jh's cam.

and then habitually...i saw this father taking picture of his wife and son *assumes this is the relationship*and had to take too...
*my shutters were not fast enough.*

on this photoshooting day out with ting and jh i managed to capture a very cute pic of this little girl too!:)))) her dad didn't mind me and we chat abit, but i guess the mom was more weary of all this people pointing the camera at her precious...:P

my second favourite set in Sing:
Kids know how to sway to the beat too.

Here is our main lead who caught our eye when we were there to give some support to the jazz band playing...Her dad was friendly, he didn't mind me snapping away and we chat how cute his lil girl was, and he told me she was far from a little angel if you get what i mean..;)
this was the scene.
and i my head of course..
oo!oo! good moment!
now shoot aways. snap. take picture.
whatever you call it...
then her older sister came into the picture too...
these kids got swagger.
they can move to the groove.
a front view of the two kids.

this was the last photo i took before the kid and her dad left.
my shutter was albeit too slow thus its a half shot....
but i still like it.