Thursday, July 7, 2011

i like to take photos of unknown people taking photos.

this is a photo loaded post....not that many..but just to show you how i love to sneak photos of other people..especially the one directly below....families with little kids....:)) not that i want to sneak, but i guess most protective parent will recoil once they see some unknown stranger poking a camera into their kids faces....i can't help it have cute kids! be proud to show them off!:D i'll so let people take photo of my cute kids next time. #confident. hahahaha

(most favourite of the set)
Set 1: AsianFamily in the States. OKC.

i was very happy with this set because it was soo cold. my fingers were kinda cold but i still made sure i had this beautiful moment captured. And since they didn't seem to mind, i was happily going snap snap snap.
i think in the States, people might not mind as much when you smile at them and take photos of their kid and compliment how cute their kid is....
it could be just that i was lucky.
this kids were playing with the stroller when suddenly the kid in orange bursted into tears...i didn't stay to take the rest of what happen....because we were on the move...

and when i go out with friends i like to take photos of friends taking photos. of course i take full on normal pics aka posed pics with them too! haa...

ting n jh. :)
o! here's a photo of me being taken taking a photo. haha...
credits to jh's cam.

and then habitually...i saw this father taking picture of his wife and son *assumes this is the relationship*and had to take too...
*my shutters were not fast enough.*

on this photoshooting day out with ting and jh i managed to capture a very cute pic of this little girl too!:)))) her dad didn't mind me and we chat abit, but i guess the mom was more weary of all this people pointing the camera at her precious...:P

my second favourite set in Sing:
Kids know how to sway to the beat too.

Here is our main lead who caught our eye when we were there to give some support to the jazz band playing...Her dad was friendly, he didn't mind me snapping away and we chat how cute his lil girl was, and he told me she was far from a little angel if you get what i mean..;)
this was the scene.
and i my head of course..
oo!oo! good moment!
now shoot aways. snap. take picture.
whatever you call it...
then her older sister came into the picture too...
these kids got swagger.
they can move to the groove.
a front view of the two kids.

this was the last photo i took before the kid and her dad left.
my shutter was albeit too slow thus its a half shot....
but i still like it.



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