Thursday, July 14, 2011

pieces of pisces

liLaLienations: you know, i can never spell Pisces right, though its been my starsign for 23years now....

omg. i'm just lazy. i knew it. damn. ok. goes back to bed.zzzz. original link left on pic:)

I initially intended to Re tweet these in twitter but decided upon it because i didn't want the rest of the twitter mates to get irritated by me flooding their timeline with my horoscope case you have twitter and start wondering which page i'm talking about..its this one. So you can go ahead and skip this read if you are not pisces and want to know nothing about me. (what are you here again for? hahaha...nono. pardon me. always welcomed! i share more stuff about everything else than those about myself...:P) and also because of the word count limit on twitter i can't put my nonsensical thoughts added on to the RT...(my thoughts go before RT which comes from the site)
before i start bombing you with my retweets (RT) i'll share what i found when looking for pictures of pisces...i left the link to the original site on:) this were supposing the good points of a Pisces person...if you are good friends with one....see if its true?;)
i sure wish the ULTRA popular was true. not happening yet. lols.but i think its good enough for me, no need to be that popular. wise? me? really? hahaa...i sure hope so!

This one is very true, but then again, issit because we're lazy? omg. it bugs me that i'm in a zodiac sign known to be lazy...noooo. i can be hardworking and am so when i know what i want to fight for...RT will often withdraw when things get to busy and complicated because they aren't aggressive or forceful.

mmm.RT Music and the creative arts provide a safe, structured environment for .

O. great. -.-RT tend to lack the positive fighting attitude sometimes needed to overcome challenges.

truetrue. Gotta admit. but i think its just more of me...RT will patiently ignore or tune out problems, hoping the issues will disappear on their own.

Yah. uh huh.but who likes to fight anyway?RT are a lover and peacemaker rather than a fighter.

no i do not. i am *unfortunately or fortunately?* not such a kind person. haa. take that. RT tend to give indiscriminately, letting others take advantage of their generosity and kindness.

ok. that'll be all of my RT for today....didn't see any others i felt like re-commenting on...:P

when theres the good side of a character...theres also bound to be a not so good side...these are the bad points for a pisces person.
indecisive and escapist. i admit. hands down. :(
i'm working on it...but it seems like a fight or flight reaction but i always subconsciously choose the i don't even really 'choose' do i.
tsk. needa improve on that.

o! btw. do you know one of my favourite scientist of all time (ok. i do not know many scientist)
Albert Einstein is also a Piscean? :)

but as my professor Dr B (thats just the nickname we like to call him by....) would say, don't believe in all this hocus pocus. He was the professor of psychology, man, i love that module. It was very interesting, i even loved the textbook. how cool is that. haha...He doesn't believe in things which cannot be seen or proven, he abhors psychics (i didn't know how to spell this word! omg. -_-) and has gone on national television to debunk the so called famous psychics in the states. woohoo! go Dr B!:D

He also don't believe in ghost and all those stuff, so astrology to him is probably phooey, and he will tell me not to take it seriously at all. Of course, things like this, i take them with a pinch of salt, i can't evolve my life to suit the zodiac sign i am right? But a little part of me, ok, quite some part do believe its true. But whether it is or not, i always remember to take the things i read with a dollop of salt just to keep things in check. you too, ok. :) and yes, i fully believe in the supernatural, but i also believe in the chinese saying that if we don't disturb them, then it respect remains mutual.

Yeaps, so much for my Pisces lil discussion and RT thoughts on them...
if you read this and know a pieces person, or me...tell me your thoughts!

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