Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Still on Potter fever. (part 1)

Have you caught Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 yet? Well i have! Yay! finally!:) pretty awesome stuff...but wonder why it didn't mange to blow my socks off, but even if the review came out to be the lousiest show ever made (thankfully there's nothing of those) I would still pretty much like a fan girl go catch it. And I believe this consensus rings with many around the world, I read in the papers it open to a gross of almost a billion dollar, not million, in billions. One of the biggest openings ever to be made....

One thing to say, its definitely movie magic...i still haven't gotten over the fever after watching it on its opening day...i went surfing for more Potter magic....You can find most of the pictures i posted and more here* from this guy;) Check them out. .I chose some i liked to share with you guys;) I do realise some of the pics are quite small so you would have to click on them to open it up for viewing:)

if Harry Potter were in the version of anime...
I would watch!!
*the geek in me speaks.
haha. owned.
Starwars VS Harry Potter
Open to view, i think its a pretty interesting comparison, no match, of course Harry Potter Wins for me. :P
(the petronas of the deer doesn't come out very well, it's supposed to be in .gif format...)
the anti hero of the show became the most well loved character after 8 books.
after all this time..?
Snape: always.
wands out a deer petronas charm.
1.2.3 altogether now..

I always love sidekicks or underdogs in films and shows, people tend to forget the supporting characters in shows. I think they are the essence of the film, yea of course the main leads, but if theres only a leader and no follower, who the hell is the leader going to lead to war? ( but yesh, for this show, i love the main leads loads too) and in the series of Harry Potter I really grew to like the character of Neveille Longbottom and the Weasley Twins....argubly, I can't really tell if they're really leads or supporting because in the last show Neveille was moved up to be kinda a lead role...ok maybe I would put them under secondary leads. Love the goodness they add to the show and books....its like spice to make the dish taste just right:)

the cast of HP....
pic via here*
Holy smokes! That's the actor who played Neville!
He has transformed into quite a fine looking gentlemen!
From what I read in the papers, the make him wear shoes two sizes too big, specially made teeth and bigger clothes so as to give him a bigger build and i guess i more goofy look.
But nevertheless, i loved this character, and wow, matt lewis makes it easy on the eye too. :)
Here's a site dedicated to this character.*:)

ok, that's all for today, notice how its potter fever part 1?
means theres going to be a sharing of more potter fever stuff in part 2!

10years worth of movies...
a generation of magical moments.

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  1. YES!
    That chubby guy stunned me!
    He became so slim and tall! :D