Monday, July 11, 2011

things i wanna do...

i was looking through the net and i found this...(left the link on,you cancheck out her page, lotsa fun stuff to see:)
this person must be my long lost friend or something, or maybe she can read my mind....
my list is almost exactly the same except for the second one...i would to parasail but if i were to tweak it, mine would be bungeejump.

i would love to do that one day, and i get to do it soon before i get older and loose all my courage to do crazy adventurous stuff.


  1. u will definitely achieved all! :)

  2. confirm can one! we go bungee jumping next week!

  3. next week?:D hahaa...jump from where sia? hahaa...but i sure hope we get to go bungee jumping sometime...i think the nearest one is in hk...:D