Monday, July 4, 2011

if you do win bring me along!

Aloha!:)) I haven't posted in awhile, and now i'm here to share some good stuff with you guys, though yesh, the more i share the lesser my chances of winning, boo to that #kiasuism (lols!!) hahaha...but anyhoo. good things must be shared!

So if you do win this competition, you know what you gotta do...BRING MEEE alonggg!:D

Park Royal Hotel is celebrating their 50th anniversary and is having this competition where you can choose from six different destinations to be your choice of winning, then by just simply putting up your favourite holiday photo (most memorable one) because you have to write a short note on why you think its your most beloved.

yesh. i'm rahrah, i love it when people personalise my name, even if its pillarah. LOLs.
this page was introduced to me by jy to take part in.
She chosed the picture where we were in thailand taking part in politics.
yea. i really thought it was an eye opening memorable experience.
good choice!:D
only thing, i look so cui in that pic. damn. why do i always have to look cui for the wrong pics...hahaha...

I didn't want to dampen her chance of winning so i didn't pick out from the same holiday trip...
then i thought of another trip which was really memorable for me.
the one with the buggers to batam!
it was indeed short, but with family as company, everything is an all win.
yeaps, that was my photo submission...i can't see it on the site yet though, maybe they need to process it first...
its processed into the site!
can you find my entry?:D

i sure hope we both win!
she chose hong kong and knowing me...guess where i choose?
where else?
Japan! otaruuuuuu!:)

pls pick me! plssss pretty please *puppy eyes:))))

now. go score your own chance of winning, and if you do, rmb, bring me along!

You can get to the site *HERE*

and no, i'm not paid like cheesie or xiaxue, who wrote awesome advertorial post for this, i purely just wanna share and of course try my chance at winning!;)


  1. Pillarah! :D hahahahaha!
    Hope they give additional tickets for us if i win! then 4 of us can go :P

  2. yay!! Let us win please!:D hees