Friday, July 8, 2011

between friends - you just need to be there.

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Have been going to the library alot recently to borrow books and also comics and I came across this book. Points below.
Ling have been wanting to read this book for some time. She once said she aspire to be a 懒人。 haha...i think i secretly aspire to be one but i most probably am a 烂懒人。hahaa...
this author is really cute, i initially guessed it was a taiwanese author, but i was wrong, the author is from Korea, so this must be a translated version.

The book is pretty funny with the little antics the author does, but really, i don't think the author is really as much of a 懒人 as the title says because ultimately he did manage to finish the book.
He was trying ways and means to escape from the editor and publishers when the date was nearing, but still got down to work and finished it on time....haha...

its pretty funny, if you see it in the library or around go have a read;)
i liked quite a few pages he? or she? drawn/wrote.
especially the one below i'm sharing.
*pardon the bad scanning, i was in a hurry to return the book, in a haste i did a bad scan...*
Taken from Dori 懒人的日记 page 149.
*click on the pick to see a clearer view*

for those who don't understand mandarin, the gist is like this:
*Dori : the guy with the red hoodie
Purple head guy: Dori's good friend, Yam. *

Yam is feeling the blues and Dori being the accommodating good friend tries to cheer him up;

(first line)when he asks Yam what he wants to eat , Yam wants lobster so Dori digs deep into his piggy bank...*tries* well, its lobster after all you know.
(second line) Dori asks Yam if he needs help carrying stuff, in helping so, the boxes fall all over him cause he doesn't have enough strength...-_-;;
(third line) To cheer Yam up, Dori dances a Rain's (kpop super star) the lack of enthusiasm from Yam.
and in the ending line.
Dori: all I need to do is just sit here with you?
Yam: Yes, Just accompany me and listen to my stories...that will do.


sometimes it just takes very simple actions to make your loved one/friend feel better....
just be there.
listen and offer touch.
*eh! don't think dirty ah, you guys. tsk.*
i mean sometimes a hug, a hand to hold, a pat on the head and back, they can go a long long way in making a person in distress feel better.
and most importantly just be a friend,
don't judge.


Since i'm on the topic of Lib books..i must share this one too!
i really really loved this book!
it was so much better then i expected to it...
don't wanna returrnn!
haha..but of course i did.
i wonder how much it cost in the bookstore?
Someone buy this for my birthday!
if you see it in the lib and like reading intriguing thoughts and photos, go borrow this book.
its really good

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