Thursday, October 25, 2007

the wizard of gay. :)

Was reading through the Malaysian Paper's The Star a few days back on Sunday. (the star if you don't know what it is, click here.)

I like my reads to be bite size, just like the local Newpaper and The Star. i was browsing through the whole paper and then the entertainment sector something like this caught my eye. At first I thought it was a teaser of something.

BUT. after reading through the whole article, i realised, ok. so this is for real. Not that I should be all shock and everything, i am living in a very open environment with friends from both sides..:)

no. your eyes are not playing tricks on you. it is written as you see it.

but still, its a children's book for crying out loud...I know more than children read this, but isn't the target audience originally kids? talk about childhood innocence....but well. at least J.K Rowling didn't put it literally or in your face. Through the readings, it seem more of like a subtext and needing the reader to really know and understand the character before able to catch that out.

this was the whole original article on The Star last Sunday.

Many of my friends have finished the book and didn't get maybe it isn't that bad...but saying it now might break alot of people's heart..? I have no idea...I'm quite neutral to it...haa..:P

If you were a Harry Potter fan...what would have been your feelings..? I haven't get to the last book. It is quietly lying in my cuboard patiently waiting for me to have time to pick it up to read...till then..i just find this article very amusing...kudos to jk rowling. waahaha..:P

Okie peeps..till next time..adieus! take care! :) be a nice human!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

i learnt something new today!:)

I was looking through flikr pics recently after posting more stuff on my flikr site. Its a good site for putting up your pics and also seeing many other good photos.

So, as I was saying, i learnt layer masking today. Black and white and colour all in one photo. Ok, maybe you have learnt it earlier on. I just learnt it today, ok. but it's quite fulfilling when you learnt something on your own...haha..:P

Let me show you what i've done ( its a rough and I really mean rough though, dun complain)

And so here is the site i learnt it from.
It taught one more step, but i didn't want to do that. Yeap yeaps, so thanks to this page i learnt something which I had been wanting to do since quite sometime ago...
Let me put it down in very simple steps in case it might seem a lil wordy on the site.
  1. Choose a photo you want to edit, open it with photoshop.
  2. Make a background of the layer.
    1. top column> Layer> duplicate layer
  3. Change the whole photo to black and white.
    1. top column> Image> Hue/Saturation>Saturation (to the left or -100 or up to you)
  4. Add Layer mask
    1. top column> Layer > Add Layer Mask>Reveal all
  5. Erase the part where you want your colour to appear using your eraser tool.
  6. Taadaaa! Your done!:)))

Happy Birthday~

Happy Birthday Wan Sia!!:)
hmm...i wonder why my colours got inverted again for this poster...lousy blogger system....-__''

Monday, October 15, 2007

what happen to the love?

This Sunday which was yesterday I did something which I usually won't do on my lazy Sundays. Let me emphasize the word Lazy Sundays. So, you get the point..I won't elaborate too much on something as obvious as that.

So yes. today. I finally manage to let mum and dad talk me into going on a walk with them. walk as in one big long walk, not a walk in the park if you were wondering. Usually they would jog, but on terms that i go with them, its a fast walk...haha..:P

So rather reluctantly i left the house,after walking a while (fast walk, not my normal turtle pace walk, mind you. )I kinda enjoyed it, I'm a person who don't like jogging and sports like this, cause for one, i can't run, two...running in my head is inculcated as a super boring sport. I like to do things which are fun and interesting to me. Yea, and with a fast paced walk we don't zoom past everything, we get to see, loads of stuff dogs and all...

And and...we even went to where I used to study at in Sec 1, Woodgrove Sec(we were just holding at the school. so technically, i can't call it my school), or rather the park beside it...I used to think its one of the coolest park around, cause it has the alice in wonderland theme!!:D call me a kid...but it excited me alot...i made mum and dad take a different route so i could bring them to see the park...they have walked there like thousands of times but never seen or go inside the park...

They had fun in the did i..:p was badly vandalised..:((( it made the place look so bad. stupid people...wheres your love for the residents? It doesn't belong to you, you air heads vandals!!! booo! curse you all.

Anyway...the main part of the alice in wonderland of the park the slide was taken apart and replace with something new...i guess it might have either been the vandals or time took its toll...

But was fun! and mum and dad enjoyed playing with all the exercise machines! haaa! see..that is what i call an interesting walk...!

but...i guess at the end of the day though it was fun and all...I walked away with a heavy heart. While walking, on the empty grass patch new innova jc...I saw some abandoned rabbits....:( yes. life cute ABANDONED rabbits....though i never fancied a rabbit for a pet...( i love dogs and my hamhams btw..) I really really felt sad for the poor rabbits..And i really despise the person who had the heart to just throw them there....I wouldn't imagine being able to put my 6 hammmies to fend for themselves out in the wild....

i don't know...what is wrong with this people?! if you want a pet...take good care of it! whats with throwing it away after you get sick and tired of it. if i caught the person who did it, i would give the person my two cents worth! idiotic.

There was this kind hearted guy who did pass by and saw the rabbits and tried to feed them some grass...I smsed out the spca number...and thanks to those who replied...=)
butbut. sadly...the spca couldn't entertain my call...mum told me there are too many animals being abandoned these days and the spca can only do tt much...:((but who can blame them...

it really goes down to how humane a person is...when you take home a pet, it is another life which you are holding on too. throwing it away is like throwing away your kid on the street and saying ' nah. its up to you now whether you live or die. ' i just can't imagine whats in the head of these people...shit? maybe.

have a little love....if you don't intend to love and take care of your it a favour...don't get any...or the very very least you could have done is maybe try send your pet for adoption or selling it to someone better...not just throwing it away...

yeaps...that is my two cents worth for today...for those who love and take care of their pets...kudos to you~ :) for those who have badly sin of what this post has been talking about. boo to you. you can go to a corner and rot now. because i despise you.

hwah~ that was one long post...the longest in i have no idea how long....haha..:P
hope it offends no one..even if it does. i guess its my two cents worth.

Ok. I shall stop all my rants for today..
till next time a nice human!

Selamat Hari Raya!

In case you do not know what is Hari Raya. Check out on it here.

To all my dearest people out there who are celebrating this festive occasion. Wishing you a blessed Selamat Hari Raya!:)) May the year ahead be a great one for everyone!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

knock knocks and riddles

today in class i suddenly had the urge for someone to share with me knock knock being a loser fun loving person i went online to search for some fun ones to share with ya all!!:D knock knock readups. just in case your a loser like me and would like to read :P

Knock knocks

Knock, knock!
Who's there? Beets. Beets who? Beets me. (Beats me.)

Knock, knock!
Who's there? Boo. Boo who? (Boo-hoo!) Don't cry; it's only a knock-knock joke. .... Knock, knock! Who's there? Atch. Atch who? God bless you! (referring to sneezing sound, as in, "Achoo!").

Knock, knock! Who's there? Iam Iam who? Sorry, I don't know who you are.
Riddle time. answers below.
.... 1.What flowers do you always wear? ... 2.what month has 28 days? ... 3.what city has no people? ... 4.what do sea monsters eat?


5. What is so fragile that by saying its name you can break it?


answers time.
1.ans: tulips! (two lips)

2.ans: all of the months
3.ans: electricity!
4.ans. fish and ships

5. silence

till next time peeps..:) take care! be a good human!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Happy 21st birthday JOsjos!

Let my piccy do the talking...but ok. i do admit...i overdone it abit...was too happy putting stuff in...but look at the number of 'happy's 21! yea...i got 'xin' ok...:p i put thought into And so I would like to wish josjos a very happy 21st birthday! sorry i couldn't make it to eh party but still....hope it was a blast and it was the best time of ur life!

Boooooooo!! my nice nice piccy was made ugly by blogger when i tried uploading it...i shall try again tmr...sorry josjos pls bear with this ugly coloured greeting...:(

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Happy Birthday JY!:D

falling sick...:( haven't been updating much lately...:P sorry sorry...hahaa...i'll put up stuff when im in more inspiration...but i have to put this up..cux it JY's 20th birthday today! weeee~:)
so in view of the special favy seniors birthdato~i went to do a little photoshop sorry it looks a little cheesy i do realise...but its the though that counts okie..? Heh...:) we must go out soon k.....long time no see liao..miss ya!:)

So here you go...

Happy Birthday to U~

Happy Birthday to You~
Happy Birthday to Jie Yingggg~
Happy 20th birthday to you!
*muacks! big huggs!*