Tuesday, April 29, 2008

this is awesomely cool.

i saw something today which i think is rather cool. to me at least. :)
The site is called NeoWORKX. you can check them out at: *you can just click on the link* http://www.neoworx.net/blue/index.php?tool_id=66645

There you go. that's how it looks like on the starting page. at first i didn't really thought of having a second look at it because i thought it was going to be something like another google earth. which don't get me wrong, i think thats real cool too! ;)
google earth

so anyway. what i think is cool about this site are the different applications it has...you would get what i mean should you decide to check it out. Yea...so basically, i think this would really be fun for all those celebrity bloggers or people with frequent high hits on their blogs or sites. Because, the applications let the user (which is us, in this case) to be able to see who; not exactly who, but where the people who are visiting our blog is from.

the one which i think is the coolest to me that is is Neoflags....if many people from different countries popby and read your blog then you'll be able to collect many many flags..which is so fun!:D just like some game! heheh..:P not that i have anything much to say....its not as if many come by here; my blog. hahaa...lol...so i cant collect flags..:( aww...if not i think it'll be real fun!:)
maybe next time..:))

yeaps...so go try your hand at it and have fun!:))

Monday, April 28, 2008

ice skating ice skating!:))

lil alienations:
  1. i'm back!:) to the real world :(
  2. o wow. cheesie poped by! weee~ :))
  3. i took a almost 10-11hour journey home today. by bus from malaysia. @-@ did i mention i suffer from motion sickness?....poor me...haha...that for another day.

today its going to be all on our ice skating trip. weeeeeee!:D you could have seen i was excited. would have been more if there wasn't a weird unknown character (which i didn't know was going to tag along).

anway...i went ice skating with huiling and orange last thurs! waited till today cux i just gotten the pics..from the girls blogs..thank you!

i remember the last time i went was maybe a year back or more? In year 2...? With my E26R gang...yea..it was fun...i love ice skating. gota find the picture taken back then...where did it go to..? hmm...anyone...resend it to me plsss..XD

imagine me saying this.
"Cha cha cha changgg! welcome to FUJI ICE PALACE~ta tata taaaa"

hahaha...that was dumb. but anyone...this one's real old already..and the shops there have all closed down most probably due to poor business i guess...there's a new and nicer skating ring in kallang...but that's too far for me though......:P

And girls, being girl's like to cam whore take back good memories, will whip out our camera (phone) for a few good picture. in this case orange's hp.

1st attempt: boobuu!:X fail.
cut off huiling's face totally from the pic. haha..
2nd attempt: boobuu. half past. cute off my face, which i don't really mind..haha..
see. look at my mysterious eyes~ ooooo. 0.o

Whichafter our camera(phone) man changed. hahaa...fishy couldn't stand it..so she took the taking into her own hands...haha..(took the taking. wow.how rhythmic.lol)

3rd attempt: or uno attempt because the phone is now in different hands. haha. XD
yayness! passs....=) all 3 of us are in now. haha.
alamak. i act cute. -_-'

yes, at this point of time...i wanna say...jy! we were missing youu there! sorry we went while you were busy...gomen. butbut. next time sure will go with you....:D we know you wanna ice skate too...?=)

And so...in all this pics, you only see we 3 girls...but. no. there was someone else who was there. there were 4 people!

but aha. we left him out of the pics..whoops. :P
he was suppose to be orange's friend. not. *i didn't know he was going to tag along only until i reached there.kanna con -_- haa.*

see! four legs! nah...the 2 red one belong to fishy.
which coincidentally, she was the only person in the whole ice skating ring which was given red skates. wow. the uncle must have like her or thought it matched her shirt or something?

Anyway...that guy who taged along as 'orange's friend' after 3plus hours on the skating ring, despite our many attempts to teach and help him, he couldn't skate...so the whole time we moved on from grabbing the walls...banging into the walls (i think that's just me, cux i could'nt brake in time Xp) to actually skating. he literally stood around or hung clinging to the walls.

i would'nt blame the poor fella if he tried. he just went, i don't know how leh, can't leh. :S not the kind of attitude to learn something? no? o well....maybe different people operate differently....

so yeah. we must always be open to learning and not be afraid to fall...i think that's how i learnt ice skating. fall on my butt. hahaha..then get up and move again....
but guess what. didn't fall this time at all. surprise surprise.:)

heh. the very often done up star sign. :)

when was the last time you ice skated?

take care peeps. loves. smiles!
peace out. v.

okie time to sleep. after so many hours to bus. im zonking out.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

原来我不帅. i knew that long ago.

here's a new idol drama to recommend. :) personally. i think it is a rather good one. short and sweet.
so if your the type who can't stand those soppy auntie taiwan dramas like 'ah chen' or 'pi li huo' then, this is the drama for you. Only 13 episodes! wee!:D but...ok. it left me kinda craving for more...but. maybe that's just me. haha...

anway, why do i think this drama is considered a plus from the many love idol dramas out there?
well first and foremost, its a comedy! yes. no more weep weep until i have no more tears left to finish the show, which i totally cannot stand....makes me depressed after watching a drama. no way. a little tearing is fine...not the type where you die, he dies, she got accident and no happily ever after...what.?! :( haha....yes. i'm a sucker for the HEA aka Happily Ever After. hahahaa! Xp

So what is this idol drama?

the official poster.

yes. its as said in my earlier post. 原来我不帅. You can check out the official site *here*.
mostly fresh faces in this idol drama.
If i didn't get it wrong, it is JJ lin and Nicky's virgin(*this is the direct translation from the chinese "Chu nu jou". is this the way it is said or is there a better word for it. pardon me if it was offensive in any way?) performance in idol dramas as the main leads.

And as said, it is a idol drama...so do not expect academy award winning acts. And having so many fresh faces in one drama, i do think their chemistry wasn't as bad as i would have expected it to be. Granted, there were times where scenes looked a little awkward. but. I think overall, it was really kinda good. looking at where their coming from, both JJ and Nicky are Singers. :)
*digressing. nicky is totally funny in this idol drama.cute!..and seems to be a real sweet person.......daydreams daydreams. lol. niccckkkyyy. end of digression. *


little details around the house
The props and scene team did quite a good job, i liked the way they done up and arranged the house. If you think logically you know it won't be real or done in real life (as least not by me), but it fits into the whole scene and show. Like what i particularly like is this wall poster(above)...which adds alot of flavour to a original plain wall. kudos to the design team. :)

i saw this while looking around...thus i was wondering...did the original story come from this book? Or is this a spin off from the drama.

Its still somewhat a love story...but taken in a different form with more twist and a different type of acting. needs difference in appreciation. yeaps, so if your up for a little entertaining lighthearted laugh and maybe a little romance? this is for you to catch. hope you'll enjoy. :))


Ok. so much for taiwan idol dramas. if your not a big fan of idol dramas, or taiwan dramas for that matter, no worries. I have another short laugh; japanese drama to introduce. this one is fairly short, just 7 episodes. Your would realise why if should you decide to watch it. :)

Papa to Musume no Nanokakan
Seven Days of a Daddy and a Daughter

When I first watched this drama, I couldn't help but think to myself, isn't this freaky friday? Anyone remember that show?

it was one of a personal favourite. It was one of the better movies lindsay lohan did until she went all screwy...but i think shes back on the track now.? no idea. to refresh some memories...the pics below are of freaky friday. if. you haven't catched it...go get the dvd. seriously. its a fun watch. haha..

yes. freaky friday.
but. unlike freaky friday. this japanese drama, has turned it up one level. The switch is no longer of the same gender. They made it between a father and daughter. Thus, this is a much bigger swop.


So, over here, we will see how they cope being in each other's body going through each other's daily life and routine. and catch this, its not only the kid who makes mistakes...nope. sometimes, kids can be the hero too.

watch to find out what i mean...:)

the dad(Tachi Hiroshi). i think he acted rather well in this drama for a guy his age. I must applaud the actions he attempted and all the acting cute. Which i guess was why he won 54th Television Drama Academy Awards. good acting. :)

Yeap...that's all the introduction for today and maybe in some time..?o yes. this is a good review for the show. haha...but hope you would enjoy and have a good laugh! everyone needs a good laugh sometime. we all need to be happy!:)
smileez. =D enjoy.

Take care peeps. Be a nice human.

Monday, April 21, 2008

heresy hearsay~

hihi!:) mina san!...haha...i'm just here today for a very short post..or so i hope. ;)

today i'll be introducing a new site for all to go pop and take a look, get new info, learn new things and maybe be a fan of the blog! haha...=)

Yeap...so as you can see...the site is called Sense and Cents. :)
(you can click right on the banner picture. it is linked directly to the site)
you can go to this website:
*just click here!*

So...what is this new site all about...unlike other sites which i usually recoomend about lifestyle and plain day to day stuff...this is a site which is in its post trying to share experiences in the real world or thoughts out there, so that people can read and reflect or maybe know just a little more.
Get a little more into that slice of life in the world's pie. you know what i mean. ;) haha...

In short, i like how the banner or their tag line quotes it out...it writes "Making sense of cents" I think that is rather powerful in its own form. o wow. sounds like im back in advertising class again...haha...:p

Okie. there you go. :) go check out the post by the resident bloggers tau and mr jack.
enjoy!^0^ and hope you found some interesting insights in the process!

take care peeps!:)) loves.


I know...its suppose to be a short post right...? haha...can't help it...just gotta share this mv which i kinda like at the moment...cux its real cute...ok. i might be bias cux i like Nicky! Jiuze!:))) Wahahaa...He's funny and cute! :P those who watched 原来我不帅 would like him more..but that i shall leave for another day to say...;)

Ok. so there you go...hope you enjoyed it too...its a very light and happy mv...which is good right.:)

time to scoot off now...ja ne!=)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

makeup can do wonders..

Yes. my brother always told me. makeup does wonders. yeah i kinda knew that. but i'm just not the kind of girl which has the capability to slap thick makeup on myself...my skin is rather sensitive...-_-;; so it doesn't like to be under all those makeup...so tatalalala~ i go on being the not so very glamorous one...*excuses* hahaa...

anyway. why this topic..? because i was browsing through someone's blog and random and saw this post...of how this girl changed from unglam normal looking to woah~ chic! honest.

I'm quite lazy to post what the person has posted up...so go have a look at it for yourself at the original site. honest. you'll be amazed by what makeup can do. or...maybe its just me. im swaa koo...haha...:P

This is the site to see it. Or you can just click **HERE**

Haha...don't rush to the stores to get all the makeup yours hands can land on...remember to give your face a rest too! hahaa...look whos talking. :P

Take care peeps. :)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Diploma-ed II

This is part 2! of diploma-ed and i guess it should be the last part...(like after sooo long. i know..haha.:P i was waiting for more piccys.)
Yours truly grad pics!:)

I will let the photos do most of the talking or explaination...you get what i mean..;)
Here we go..

It was a day of many many people! Jamie!(above) and fang ting and mandy! (below) which i can see clearly from the crowd...is that gerald behind? Gosh. i didn't get to take pictures with as many people as i wanted tooo....:((( nvm..at least got some of them in pictures like this...lol

Purple:SchoolofTechnologyfortheArts. Pink: SchoolofAppliedScience. Blue:SchoolofEnGineering
the above purple,pink and blue rangers...wahaha. 0.o''

and thank you orangey for the lovely rose!:))
candid shot. harng and me before we posed. i like this shot even though its abit blur...

so this was the proper one...as you can see. i wasn't exactly ready...haha..:P
lukeeeee. o. what lovely darlie smiles we have. haha!

xin yi. one of the first few people i got to know in Rp. I knew her during orientation. a very lovely girl indeed. :D

eeshaun and the gurls. :)
doesn't it feel like a smile campaign galour? haha..XD
varian and me! a nice faci=)

miistyfied gang. look at miisty up there on the glass panel. thanks eeshaun!:))
oo. i love this pic...cux we all look so lovely and happy!
L to R: ms toh aka eliz, ahsia,me,rachel,alex,daphne and julia!
the more people the merrier!:)

so...in accordance to the more people the merrier, there is this pic...where you can see us going...take picture...who want take picture...come come take picture...haaa...so we're all looking unprepared or scrambling in...only fangting looks absolutely perfect! haa.
taaddaaa. love this pic. nicenice. many many people.

remember the cupcake from the last chapter....
in the previous episode there was this cupcake at the end of the blog post. :)

so to show you...here were where they came from...STA was sweet enough to give our batch of grad students cupcakes...heeee...:D i think only STA got it...weee! haha..
so here is a closer look on it. (these two photos are courtesy of fishy. :))
don't they look beautiful? Look for miisty and friendso the tags!!!:D

Stampy on the left. miisty on the right.

heh. Family photo!! my bro was there in his uni gown?! hehehe...:P

see. me and my greedy face. hahaa!

yeap. that's the end of it....tata~
thank you all. muackssssss!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

the hard as stone muffins....

Well...i guess my blog tittle has said it all...-__-'' i was intending to make some muffins for my galpals whom im going out today for...but they didn't have the usual brand of muffin mix which i get...so i decided to get another brand...whooo...bad choice indeed...ok. a lil bad on my part too.

and so i had to cancel the plan of bringing yummy muffins for them...because after i tried one (just in case. luckily!) it was so hard. well. it was quite yummy if you don't mind the top crust being hard and the bottom too...mum said because there was not enough oil. the other brand i used had to mix in your own oil, milk and stuff...this one was just add water. well. i should have guessed. haha...

so it turned out in my uncles form of putting it. " So hard you can take it to throw at someone(you dislike of course) " hahaa...
see those two holes..? i tried those two...haha

So..yea. sorry girls. no muffins today. next time i shall get my normal muffin mix and make a nice batch for you all...haha...:)


Here is a mv that i like...ok. bias abit...its because two of my favourites are in it...Ariel lin yi Chen and Show Luo Zhi Xiang aka Xiao Zhu. how not to like? :P

So heres to share with you guys...hope you like it...i love it!:) its not a new mv...but its nice so i gotta share...heh. =)

作曲:Kang Hyun Min









你道歉 你難過 於是我給你笑容
誰在乎我的心 還會不會寂寞*



吟唱出 愛上你 那完整的幸福



你也只 看見我哭了




你退縮 你冷漠 於是我放開雙手

不在乎我的心 會永遠的寂寞


Enjoy. :)
take care! loves. peace out.