Tuesday, April 15, 2008

makeup can do wonders..

Yes. my brother always told me. makeup does wonders. yeah i kinda knew that. but i'm just not the kind of girl which has the capability to slap thick makeup on myself...my skin is rather sensitive...-_-;; so it doesn't like to be under all those makeup...so tatalalala~ i go on being the not so very glamorous one...*excuses* hahaa...

anyway. why this topic..? because i was browsing through someone's blog and random and saw this post...of how this girl changed from unglam normal looking to woah~ chic! honest.

I'm quite lazy to post what the person has posted up...so go have a look at it for yourself at the original site. honest. you'll be amazed by what makeup can do. or...maybe its just me. im swaa koo...haha...:P

This is the site to see it. Or you can just click **HERE**

Haha...don't rush to the stores to get all the makeup yours hands can land on...remember to give your face a rest too! hahaa...look whos talking. :P

Take care peeps. :)

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