Tuesday, April 22, 2008

原来我不帅. i knew that long ago.

here's a new idol drama to recommend. :) personally. i think it is a rather good one. short and sweet.
so if your the type who can't stand those soppy auntie taiwan dramas like 'ah chen' or 'pi li huo' then, this is the drama for you. Only 13 episodes! wee!:D but...ok. it left me kinda craving for more...but. maybe that's just me. haha...

anway, why do i think this drama is considered a plus from the many love idol dramas out there?
well first and foremost, its a comedy! yes. no more weep weep until i have no more tears left to finish the show, which i totally cannot stand....makes me depressed after watching a drama. no way. a little tearing is fine...not the type where you die, he dies, she got accident and no happily ever after...what.?! :( haha....yes. i'm a sucker for the HEA aka Happily Ever After. hahahaa! Xp

So what is this idol drama?

the official poster.

yes. its as said in my earlier post. 原来我不帅. You can check out the official site *here*.
mostly fresh faces in this idol drama.
If i didn't get it wrong, it is JJ lin and Nicky's virgin(*this is the direct translation from the chinese "Chu nu jou". is this the way it is said or is there a better word for it. pardon me if it was offensive in any way?) performance in idol dramas as the main leads.

And as said, it is a idol drama...so do not expect academy award winning acts. And having so many fresh faces in one drama, i do think their chemistry wasn't as bad as i would have expected it to be. Granted, there were times where scenes looked a little awkward. but. I think overall, it was really kinda good. looking at where their coming from, both JJ and Nicky are Singers. :)
*digressing. nicky is totally funny in this idol drama.cute!..and seems to be a real sweet person.......daydreams daydreams. lol. niccckkkyyy. end of digression. *


little details around the house
The props and scene team did quite a good job, i liked the way they done up and arranged the house. If you think logically you know it won't be real or done in real life (as least not by me), but it fits into the whole scene and show. Like what i particularly like is this wall poster(above)...which adds alot of flavour to a original plain wall. kudos to the design team. :)

i saw this while looking around...thus i was wondering...did the original story come from this book? Or is this a spin off from the drama.

Its still somewhat a love story...but taken in a different form with more twist and a different type of acting. needs difference in appreciation. yeaps, so if your up for a little entertaining lighthearted laugh and maybe a little romance? this is for you to catch. hope you'll enjoy. :))


Ok. so much for taiwan idol dramas. if your not a big fan of idol dramas, or taiwan dramas for that matter, no worries. I have another short laugh; japanese drama to introduce. this one is fairly short, just 7 episodes. Your would realise why if should you decide to watch it. :)

Papa to Musume no Nanokakan
Seven Days of a Daddy and a Daughter

When I first watched this drama, I couldn't help but think to myself, isn't this freaky friday? Anyone remember that show?

it was one of a personal favourite. It was one of the better movies lindsay lohan did until she went all screwy...but i think shes back on the track now.? no idea. to refresh some memories...the pics below are of freaky friday. if. you haven't catched it...go get the dvd. seriously. its a fun watch. haha..

yes. freaky friday.
but. unlike freaky friday. this japanese drama, has turned it up one level. The switch is no longer of the same gender. They made it between a father and daughter. Thus, this is a much bigger swop.


So, over here, we will see how they cope being in each other's body going through each other's daily life and routine. and catch this, its not only the kid who makes mistakes...nope. sometimes, kids can be the hero too.

watch to find out what i mean...:)

the dad(Tachi Hiroshi). i think he acted rather well in this drama for a guy his age. I must applaud the actions he attempted and all the acting cute. Which i guess was why he won 54th Television Drama Academy Awards. good acting. :)

Yeap...that's all the introduction for today and maybe in some time..?o yes. this is a good review for the show. haha...but hope you would enjoy and have a good laugh! everyone needs a good laugh sometime. we all need to be happy!:)
smileez. =D enjoy.

Take care peeps. Be a nice human.

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