Thursday, April 3, 2008

cranky cranky.

i give up. i've got a cranky handphone and a cranky computer. :(

my handphone had been cranky for quite some time seemed fixed..for awhile that it seems to be in one of its bad moods switches off as and when it wants to...grr. then when i switch it back on at times, it goes haywire...i can't hear the volume...or if not...i will not recieve any messages at all...then a sudden slew would just come in driving me crazy...or at best the msg would just get lost in space or i recieve a blank sms. yayness. -V_V- ahh...but my phone has some sort of human feeling i think, if it is near me, its quite a good girl/boy? but if i leave it lying around far away all the problems would start.

i got owned by my hp. -_-''' so pardon me if you think im ignoring your msg....i might not have received them at all? hahaa...or maybe i really decided to ignore you....joking joking..:p

oo...and my comp...after helping my dad install his work stuff its getting abit cranky..hanging things here and there...but on the whole its still quite fine....thank god for that.

hope they all un-crank soon....

cranky phone+cranky comp = cranky owner?
i sure hope not. X-X

its the sakura blooming season now in japan...i guess i'll just have to make do with looking at photos and eating sakura kit kat for now....haha..
i was just browsing and saw this. looks kinda cute.

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