Tuesday, April 29, 2008

this is awesomely cool.

i saw something today which i think is rather cool. to me at least. :)
The site is called NeoWORKX. you can check them out at: *you can just click on the link* http://www.neoworx.net/blue/index.php?tool_id=66645

There you go. that's how it looks like on the starting page. at first i didn't really thought of having a second look at it because i thought it was going to be something like another google earth. which don't get me wrong, i think thats real cool too! ;)
google earth

so anyway. what i think is cool about this site are the different applications it has...you would get what i mean should you decide to check it out. Yea...so basically, i think this would really be fun for all those celebrity bloggers or people with frequent high hits on their blogs or sites. Because, the applications let the user (which is us, in this case) to be able to see who; not exactly who, but where the people who are visiting our blog is from.

the one which i think is the coolest to me that is is Neoflags....if many people from different countries popby and read your blog then you'll be able to collect many many flags..which is so fun!:D just like some game! heheh..:P not that i have anything much to say....its not as if many come by here; my blog. hahaa...lol...so i cant collect flags..:( aww...if not i think it'll be real fun!:)
maybe next time..:))

yeaps...so go try your hand at it and have fun!:))

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