Monday, February 28, 2011

cute lil fur balls.

say awwww.


i know right.
how cute can they get?
i'll show you furballs of my own soon.
pepsi cola lim

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tell me Your Wish/Genie -Version From Dream High

Recently got to watch dream high, yesh finally some normal time:D
and i really like this rendition of the original song -Genie done by SNSD or Girls Generation.

Most people know i'm not a big fan of K music siding towards J pop more...but i liked this song done in the show itself and its not even like the opening or ending song...not formally an edited track, if you see the mv you'll know what i mean...its pretty raw but i really like the voice of the girls esp the way the first girl, i got to know her name is IU or Pil Suk in the show, wow..real nice way of opening:)

If you watch dream high you'll agree with me this two girls can really sing with good vocal range:)
Have a listen, and go catch the show if you can...;) pretty short for a K show thus i didn't mind watching...and it's funny! main important deciding factor. haha!

How was it? Did you like it? Pretty nice eh?:)
i enjoyed this over the original 'catchier' version.
so, i'm weird, sue me.

the girl who did the opening IU sang the opening theme song for Dream high too-
Someday. nice:))
Go have a listen to it. i hardly really say K singers are good because its so hard to really hear their beautiful voices coming through over the many beats but hers is just woah.nice.
i linked the song name to that song, go have a listen too if you liked the earlier video;)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Buggers meet during CNY! 2011

I finally got to meet my buggers during the CNY, yea finally, i haven't (then) met them since i got back from the states..boy it had been a loong time and i missed them so i was pretty excited to meet them on new year's annual visit!:)
it wasn't the full buggers, we were missing diy and rek but at least close enough. Just happy to see them all:)

Yesh, i was still pretty much still a sick puppy as you know from the last post, it was a nasty virus which didn't want to go away. Yea. and thus, i brought my camera but didn't have the energy to shoot anything at all. haaa. pardon me.

and so all the photos are courtesy of Jh's slr:) i missed the first house, ming's house cause had to send bro photos start from my home:)
playing cards.
an every year must, but i realised we didn't play as much this year.
don't think i won this year...or lost? too sick to remember...hahaha...maybe lost just a lil
this was ming's 'zhen fa' to win money.
hahaha...i wonder if it work?
this was downstairs. :)
jh very kindly helped us took. and thus he isn't in the shot.
this shot was done just before we left to go to ting's house. but before that.....
we went to mrs lee house.
she was our teacher in charge for 3 yrs in msl band.
despite the happy looks, some of them *not saying who* got poked real bad.
frankly speaking, i get the jitters to visit strict teacher's house, its like being stripped naked and judged. ok. not that bad, but real jittery, and though i don't get it that bad, i really hate to be judged, and thus....

but though saying so, she wasn't a bad teacher, she was good. just with an acid toungue of concern? i guess different people show it differently...
o yea! we lou hei-d with mrs lee too. poor jib wanted to puke from forcing himself to eat it, poor year once for luck, for luck.;)

then we moved on to ting's house with no photo..*why?* forgot...:P
but we talked about the new 'bad' word for abby for the year...
settling down.
an inside joke yet again.
and jh's album tittle was
the world will never settle down with us around.
how apt. though yesh, my dear sis, coming soon!:)

then off we go to uncle tan's house!
our beloeved mr tan lovingly called uncle tan and his wife jiejie not in the photo.
and his two young kids! one so talkative one so shy! kawaii!!:DD
Uncle tan doesn't judge and is more fatherly than ever now with his kids, so its just comfortable talking there. :)
I was originally pretty sad in the states during december because i thought i'll miss seeing uncle tan last year ( we usually go back yearly for the juniors pop sessions) i realise, they didn't go back too...
so im really happy we got to meet uncle tan:D

i realised we didn't take any ending photo in jo's house.
too busy playing mahjong, cards and eating.
thanks to all families which hosted us this year!
huat ahhh!
many more cny visit years to go together!

Friday, February 25, 2011

What happen to Chivalry?

I typed in Chivalry and this was one of the photos....quite funny...ahaha..
a conclusion my twinnie and i came to find out after yesterday's incident is
Chivalry is so dead.
at least during peak rush hour in the mrt station.

and so this was what a briefer than brief summary....
i wanted to get out of the mrt at somersat station and because it was so crowded my exit path was blocked and thus i needed to excused myself out and quicken my pace and just as i exited, i triped and fell right out of the mrt. ok.

it was a dramatic fall because my headphones fell right out of my head onto the floor loudly too.luckily i have a tendency of letting my knees and palms take the fall every time i fall.
(and thus i have 2 20cent coin bruises on my right knee and one small one on the left knee)

apart from the utter embarassment i suffered and the few bruises and a spinning head from the imbalance of the fall, i felt sad that the people in the mrt would rather just stand in and gawk at the fallen girl outside the mrt in an arm's reach to help.

i wondered maybe even an 'miss are you alright?' would be nice, but whoops, no non. and it wasn't because i was wearing my headphones and i couldn't hear because my headphones feel to the floor with a thud but luckily still works....

people would rather make sure they retain their space and gawk then show the slightest form of concern.
so much for finding my knight in shining armour in times of need graciousness.

o well.
giving them the truest benefit of doubt, i was too quick for them, they were in a shock and thus couldn't react to ask if i was fine or show any tinge of concern or help. or like me, they are naturally born slower, with a lag in their head, i always get laughed at by my ocu mates that i'm lag by a beat or ten seconds at time.
maybe that was the case with them.

in a very Singaporean slang.
Why like that?

we learn so many things,
maybe people need to learn more to have a heart.
imagine if it was a middle aged lady, a fall like that, uh uh. no good.

i believe it still exists,
just maybe not yesterday.
just heard this quote on the tv

In life,
you are looking for a particular someone
and in turn
that particular someone else is looking for you.

it never matches up untill both find each other.

a little mushy love story kinda quote but i just thought it was kinda nice to share.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

first ocu Cny Visiting

i saw the name of marmar's tittle for the fb picture folder and thought it was so sweet - travel mates. little family. yesh i've seen it for the umpteenth time and i still find it sweet :D i'm so blessed and love, so many extended family ( beloved friends whom i treat like family, you know who you are;D) that are not blood related but feel just as close. and sometimes i do feel for those extended extended people in your life, they don't even come as close as this people do. ironic and yet..

but i must say, buddha loves blur children. the hokkien actually saying (if you do get hokkien..) is "ti gong tia gong kia." i gong mah, thankfully, not really, but o well...the people above still send me lotsa good people around me. :)

anyway just to share some cny pics as i'm doing a slew of CNY posts:)

first year going to ann nee's house for the new year. I was never really close to them pre the its a first:)
This was actually the last photo of the daybefore i left.
why does not everyone stay in the north instead?
CNY tradition.
Every house also must play!
huat ah!
Did i win?
cause i didn't
well, didn't play partly because i was being a sick puppy together with oneh chan didi and partly because their stakes were biggger.hahahaa. i scared. lol. KSee much:P
*i know the photo doesn't look like i was sick right?! damn, i'm good.
i was feeling pretty horrible by here, and by the time i go home i was in 'full blown' sick mode. hahaha...yea, that was the one where i blogged about sleeping through 1 and a half day.
travel sisters.
l to r:
front:fahr, maressa, sixiu cat
back: didi, *ahems*, ann nee ( the house owner)
OO! talking about the house owner! Her chicken wings were damn awesome!! coming from a person who doesn't really go for fried chicken wings much at all. it was really really goood!
no pictures lah sorry, busy eating and was too sick. pictures all kindly coutersy of marmar's iphone:)
my sitting buddies since the first week of class. :)
and another candid shot before i left.
i look so happpy! hahaha..i think i was saying something..o i rmb they were saying to say
neh neh! hahahaha...inside joke. :P

it's the year of the rabbit!
Hope everyone's luck improves by leaps and bounds!:DD
hippity hophop!
*in case your wondering, yesh we were doing bunny ears.
what childish?
we happy.

all this happen on the 3rd day of Chinese New Year, Chu San!:D

I haven't met my buggers yet up till then!!
met them during the CNY..happy:)
yesh, i'm posting tt post soon:)
everyone's so busy during the new year, how i wish i can get friends all over during the new year and go to their places too.
ideally, it will happen some day.
yesh it will.ideally.;D

ooo. reese.

sometimes you need a little indulgence.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Home Truly

I remember really loving this song growing up.
If you grew up in Singapore, i'm sure you would have heard the original version sung by Kit Chan too. Did you fall in love with it then?
I liked how it wasn't those cliche kind of songs protraying love for the country, it was subtle and comfortable.

This total defence day they did a remake with many various artistes, have been looking forward to listen to it, and thus i'm also sharing it with you!:)

Have a listen. Hope you'll enjoy it, and if you haven't heard the original version before go youtube - Kit Chan's-Home.
It's awesome;)

O and yes! While listening do your bit for charity.
Go to this site
and download the song, for every download four organisations will donate $1 to community chest.
why not? your happy, and you can make people happy at the same time, with just one click.
click away! and share the joy yea;)

okies. back to studies, sending lotsa love to all.
blog more soon.

lala is a semi graduate!

Just sharing a lil photo i got to download with the photo package.
heh. i know why the look?
frankly, i wasn't exactly posing to be that way....
my eyes are looking up because the place was so dark i couldn't see where the lens was, and i wasn't exactly ready...and the lady just say, hold your book up and look here.
not knowing where here was and not being ready...
thaat's how i ended up with a "i look to the future-so brighht" look.

just sharing a little of me...

Monday, February 14, 2011

its still Valentine's day in the states.

Happy Valentine's Day to all the lovers in the world.
This may be labelled as THE day, but love is around and should be around all the time.
Share love with everyone all around and not only be lovey dovey on this special day, appreciate your love ones always:D

How did you spent your special day?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

theres some stuff money can't buy.

ok. i just thought that was kind cuteXp

pretty pretty busy these few days thus the lack in updates, i'll be back soon. sorwii sorrwii! :)
in the meantime i saw this on my coussie's fb status and liked it pretty much so i'm sharing:D

it's good to have money and the things that money can buy, but it's also good too, to check once in a while, that you haven't lost the things that money can't buy.
- george lorimer

ahhaa. ain't that so true. :)

been so sick lately, and also busy celebrating the new year, but sick and so busy studying and doing assignments, but had to drop and sleep two full days ok, one and a half cause i really didn't have enough time to spare to feel better.
i need more sleep, yay, my fave to get all better. still sniffling and sore throat and all the rubbish:(
i want my piggy sleep.

and seeing my coussies fb status i saw the pic we last took when she was here too which made me happy!
so i'm sharing, regardless whether it'll be enjoyed by you all...opps:P
i'm sick ok. must be in happy mood.
my best coussie

i'll blog about the new year when i stop being busy, nah, when i take a breather:)

take care peeps!
hope your enjoying the new year or just any other day!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year 2011!:)))

woot wootx!

Here, let me share some new year songs.
Usually i don't do this, but i thought this two songs from the album of myfm and astro for the new year are pretty meaningful and not just like tongtong cheng cheng. you young people get what i mean, its meaningful, but just not very us. :p no meaning of rudeness meant here.

ok. so just have a listen and pay attention to the lyrics of the two im posting, hope you guys will like it!:)
the mv really ain't like woah, but the lyrics is kinda.:)

福气-my astro大合唱


and also

i like this few lines best:
"...一杯白开水 也可以很清甜

一碗热清汤面线 是一种思念
心若能放开一点 路就宽一些
财富和幸福之间 还有知足做界限

一天天 一年年 天天都是好天
不管天多高 路多远 祝福你快乐一万年..."

How was it?
Did you find the lyrics meaningful and heartwarming, and the music though close to a chingchong new year song but not so much of it?
Happy Chinese New Year to all celebrating these festive Occassions!
Huat ah 兔 U!

i am writing this post so i can sleep later too, in the chinese tradition, it'll be good if kids can stay up late during the night leading to the morning of the first day of the new year. its called 守岁 :)
in hope the later the children sleep, the longer the parents life will be.
to a long good life!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

don't forget..

lilalienations: i found wifi! so i can blogg! woot wootx!

Chinese New Year is almost here. and in the new year...


I remember a friend asking me, if i die...what do i want to be remembered for. As in, people would say he was or she was a .....

i thought very hard but didn't really know what to reply because, honestly i never thought of a question like that before, farhan asks the weirdest but i would ask rather interesting questions....

and so, not really know how to answer i just half heartedly not convinced said, remembered as a good person? a person good and loyal to friends and fillial to family.

how BORING. ya. i knowwww. damn. how i wish i had a better saying, but yea. i'm boring. can't help it. but at least it was honest? i was thinking, why didn't i choose to be like known for being a superhero, supersmart or stuff like that?

anyway, my answer wasnt the point caused i ask him, so what would youu like to be remembered as?

His answer?
I want to be remembered as awesome.
* i also remember saying, that so sounds like what my bro would reply!* haha.

damn. sounds so cool please. how come i don't come up with cool stuff to say like that. *jots down somewhere in memory* but then again, if it came out from my mouth it wouldn't sound half as convincing. o well. i'll just be me then. haa.

so in the new year, no matter whether you want to be known as being cool, awesome, nice (nice people always finish last they say, so hmmx. and i never admit i'm a nice person, its just saying i tell you. blurrff. lols. i'll treat people as they treat me. yea. ) just be yourself. i think its the most honest way, and frankly, i appreciate it better, i'm sure most people will too.

and lastly to end of with this incredibly cute photo i found:)
says awww.