Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year 2011!:)))

woot wootx!

Here, let me share some new year songs.
Usually i don't do this, but i thought this two songs from the album of myfm and astro for the new year are pretty meaningful and not just like tongtong cheng cheng. you young people get what i mean, its meaningful, but just not very us. :p no meaning of rudeness meant here.

ok. so just have a listen and pay attention to the lyrics of the two im posting, hope you guys will like it!:)
the mv really ain't like woah, but the lyrics is kinda.:)

福气-my astro大合唱


and also

i like this few lines best:
"...一杯白开水 也可以很清甜

一碗热清汤面线 是一种思念
心若能放开一点 路就宽一些
财富和幸福之间 还有知足做界限

一天天 一年年 天天都是好天
不管天多高 路多远 祝福你快乐一万年..."

How was it?
Did you find the lyrics meaningful and heartwarming, and the music though close to a chingchong new year song but not so much of it?
Happy Chinese New Year to all celebrating these festive Occassions!
Huat ah 兔 U!

i am writing this post so i can sleep later too, in the chinese tradition, it'll be good if kids can stay up late during the night leading to the morning of the first day of the new year. its called 守岁 :)
in hope the later the children sleep, the longer the parents life will be.
to a long good life!

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