Sunday, February 20, 2011

first ocu Cny Visiting

i saw the name of marmar's tittle for the fb picture folder and thought it was so sweet - travel mates. little family. yesh i've seen it for the umpteenth time and i still find it sweet :D i'm so blessed and love, so many extended family ( beloved friends whom i treat like family, you know who you are;D) that are not blood related but feel just as close. and sometimes i do feel for those extended extended people in your life, they don't even come as close as this people do. ironic and yet..

but i must say, buddha loves blur children. the hokkien actually saying (if you do get hokkien..) is "ti gong tia gong kia." i gong mah, thankfully, not really, but o well...the people above still send me lotsa good people around me. :)

anyway just to share some cny pics as i'm doing a slew of CNY posts:)

first year going to ann nee's house for the new year. I was never really close to them pre the its a first:)
This was actually the last photo of the daybefore i left.
why does not everyone stay in the north instead?
CNY tradition.
Every house also must play!
huat ah!
Did i win?
cause i didn't
well, didn't play partly because i was being a sick puppy together with oneh chan didi and partly because their stakes were biggger.hahahaa. i scared. lol. KSee much:P
*i know the photo doesn't look like i was sick right?! damn, i'm good.
i was feeling pretty horrible by here, and by the time i go home i was in 'full blown' sick mode. hahaha...yea, that was the one where i blogged about sleeping through 1 and a half day.
travel sisters.
l to r:
front:fahr, maressa, sixiu cat
back: didi, *ahems*, ann nee ( the house owner)
OO! talking about the house owner! Her chicken wings were damn awesome!! coming from a person who doesn't really go for fried chicken wings much at all. it was really really goood!
no pictures lah sorry, busy eating and was too sick. pictures all kindly coutersy of marmar's iphone:)
my sitting buddies since the first week of class. :)
and another candid shot before i left.
i look so happpy! hahaha..i think i was saying something..o i rmb they were saying to say
neh neh! hahahaha...inside joke. :P

it's the year of the rabbit!
Hope everyone's luck improves by leaps and bounds!:DD
hippity hophop!
*in case your wondering, yesh we were doing bunny ears.
what childish?
we happy.

all this happen on the 3rd day of Chinese New Year, Chu San!:D

I haven't met my buggers yet up till then!!
met them during the CNY..happy:)
yesh, i'm posting tt post soon:)
everyone's so busy during the new year, how i wish i can get friends all over during the new year and go to their places too.
ideally, it will happen some day.
yesh it will.ideally.;D

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