Friday, February 25, 2011

What happen to Chivalry?

I typed in Chivalry and this was one of the photos....quite funny...ahaha..
a conclusion my twinnie and i came to find out after yesterday's incident is
Chivalry is so dead.
at least during peak rush hour in the mrt station.

and so this was what a briefer than brief summary....
i wanted to get out of the mrt at somersat station and because it was so crowded my exit path was blocked and thus i needed to excused myself out and quicken my pace and just as i exited, i triped and fell right out of the mrt. ok.

it was a dramatic fall because my headphones fell right out of my head onto the floor loudly too.luckily i have a tendency of letting my knees and palms take the fall every time i fall.
(and thus i have 2 20cent coin bruises on my right knee and one small one on the left knee)

apart from the utter embarassment i suffered and the few bruises and a spinning head from the imbalance of the fall, i felt sad that the people in the mrt would rather just stand in and gawk at the fallen girl outside the mrt in an arm's reach to help.

i wondered maybe even an 'miss are you alright?' would be nice, but whoops, no non. and it wasn't because i was wearing my headphones and i couldn't hear because my headphones feel to the floor with a thud but luckily still works....

people would rather make sure they retain their space and gawk then show the slightest form of concern.
so much for finding my knight in shining armour in times of need graciousness.

o well.
giving them the truest benefit of doubt, i was too quick for them, they were in a shock and thus couldn't react to ask if i was fine or show any tinge of concern or help. or like me, they are naturally born slower, with a lag in their head, i always get laughed at by my ocu mates that i'm lag by a beat or ten seconds at time.
maybe that was the case with them.

in a very Singaporean slang.
Why like that?

we learn so many things,
maybe people need to learn more to have a heart.
imagine if it was a middle aged lady, a fall like that, uh uh. no good.

i believe it still exists,
just maybe not yesterday.

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