Saturday, February 26, 2011

Buggers meet during CNY! 2011

I finally got to meet my buggers during the CNY, yea finally, i haven't (then) met them since i got back from the states..boy it had been a loong time and i missed them so i was pretty excited to meet them on new year's annual visit!:)
it wasn't the full buggers, we were missing diy and rek but at least close enough. Just happy to see them all:)

Yesh, i was still pretty much still a sick puppy as you know from the last post, it was a nasty virus which didn't want to go away. Yea. and thus, i brought my camera but didn't have the energy to shoot anything at all. haaa. pardon me.

and so all the photos are courtesy of Jh's slr:) i missed the first house, ming's house cause had to send bro photos start from my home:)
playing cards.
an every year must, but i realised we didn't play as much this year.
don't think i won this year...or lost? too sick to remember...hahaha...maybe lost just a lil
this was ming's 'zhen fa' to win money.
hahaha...i wonder if it work?
this was downstairs. :)
jh very kindly helped us took. and thus he isn't in the shot.
this shot was done just before we left to go to ting's house. but before that.....
we went to mrs lee house.
she was our teacher in charge for 3 yrs in msl band.
despite the happy looks, some of them *not saying who* got poked real bad.
frankly speaking, i get the jitters to visit strict teacher's house, its like being stripped naked and judged. ok. not that bad, but real jittery, and though i don't get it that bad, i really hate to be judged, and thus....

but though saying so, she wasn't a bad teacher, she was good. just with an acid toungue of concern? i guess different people show it differently...
o yea! we lou hei-d with mrs lee too. poor jib wanted to puke from forcing himself to eat it, poor year once for luck, for luck.;)

then we moved on to ting's house with no photo..*why?* forgot...:P
but we talked about the new 'bad' word for abby for the year...
settling down.
an inside joke yet again.
and jh's album tittle was
the world will never settle down with us around.
how apt. though yesh, my dear sis, coming soon!:)

then off we go to uncle tan's house!
our beloeved mr tan lovingly called uncle tan and his wife jiejie not in the photo.
and his two young kids! one so talkative one so shy! kawaii!!:DD
Uncle tan doesn't judge and is more fatherly than ever now with his kids, so its just comfortable talking there. :)
I was originally pretty sad in the states during december because i thought i'll miss seeing uncle tan last year ( we usually go back yearly for the juniors pop sessions) i realise, they didn't go back too...
so im really happy we got to meet uncle tan:D

i realised we didn't take any ending photo in jo's house.
too busy playing mahjong, cards and eating.
thanks to all families which hosted us this year!
huat ahhh!
many more cny visit years to go together!

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