Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Home Truly

I remember really loving this song growing up.
If you grew up in Singapore, i'm sure you would have heard the original version sung by Kit Chan too. Did you fall in love with it then?
I liked how it wasn't those cliche kind of songs protraying love for the country, it was subtle and comfortable.

This total defence day they did a remake with many various artistes, have been looking forward to listen to it, and thus i'm also sharing it with you!:)

Have a listen. Hope you'll enjoy it, and if you haven't heard the original version before go youtube - Kit Chan's-Home.
It's awesome;)

O and yes! While listening do your bit for charity.
Go to this site
and download the song, for every download four organisations will donate $1 to community chest.
why not? your happy, and you can make people happy at the same time, with just one click.
click away! and share the joy yea;)

okies. back to studies, sending lotsa love to all.
blog more soon.

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