Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tell me Your Wish/Genie -Version From Dream High

Recently got to watch dream high, yesh finally some normal time:D
and i really like this rendition of the original song -Genie done by SNSD or Girls Generation.

Most people know i'm not a big fan of K music siding towards J pop more...but i liked this song done in the show itself and its not even like the opening or ending song...not formally an edited track, if you see the mv you'll know what i mean...its pretty raw but i really like the voice of the girls esp the way the first girl, i got to know her name is IU or Pil Suk in the show, wow..real nice way of opening:)

If you watch dream high you'll agree with me this two girls can really sing with good vocal range:)
Have a listen, and go catch the show if you can...;) pretty short for a K show thus i didn't mind watching...and it's funny! main important deciding factor. haha!

How was it? Did you like it? Pretty nice eh?:)
i enjoyed this over the original 'catchier' version.
so, i'm weird, sue me.

the girl who did the opening IU sang the opening theme song for Dream high too-
Someday. nice:))
Go have a listen to it. i hardly really say K singers are good because its so hard to really hear their beautiful voices coming through over the many beats but hers is just woah.nice.
i linked the song name to that song, go have a listen too if you liked the earlier video;)

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