Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 a recap.

Before i go into all my 2009 mood of woohoo~ let me recap the little big milestones of what i did in 2008. Yesh. we must reflect. Right...:P
All the way from the top

spent my first second of 08 counting down with the friendly taiwanese people and rpws performing in the freezing blistery winds. :)

went back with jinjin! to Slps.

saw our hall transformed into a market.
kinda happy and a little sad?

met up with all the buggers because...
our dear mr chai was going to shave all his hair away....
(pic from abby!:))

Had a wii party at eeshauns house. first time i play wii~
swaa koo.:P

first time i went to beijing to conquer the flight of great wall steps...all because i wanted a nicer view to capture photos.

thought i was not going to make it half way up.
but surprise surprise.
this couch-xercise girl girl made it up.
yohoohoo. and took unglam pics cux i was way too tired.

Graduated. :)
first time i wear robe.
but i looked kinda horrible tt day.
o well. haha

went to suntec's anime comic fair. :)

said byebye to my beloved lil girl.

met up with zoo family and 'sent' off ben to army~

met up with my covalents...but...where is my photos...?
i can't find sure we did take some did we?

went to thailand phuket for the first time with my girls. :)

Went to take the Singapore flyer.
and maybe accidentally jinx it. >.< swaaakoooo~ :P

met arul at rek's new house.

yesh. we went to celebrate Xmas in rekkha's new cosy home. :)
I love my buggers yesh esp buggies.

then i counted down to the new year with
orange and huiling.

Here I come!

2008 was a year full of stuff...2009 will be a year full of Wonderful stuff.
i love all my family and pals.
take care in the new year.

love ya all.
be a nice human.


Monday, December 29, 2008

just a few more days away.

just a few more days away to the new year. :)
let me look back exactly one year from today. what was i doing? where was i and what was i preparing for? let me recall, for last year i remember was the countdown of many first.

I went with rpws to taiwan.
my first time ever being to taiwan.
my first time ever spending a countdown to the new year not in singapore.
my first time not counting down with my family or my television set for that matter...:P

stayed in the childhood resort with the girls in the room. *where is this card key? did we get to keep it?? anyone remember?*
played with orange's trenchcoat and became a zombie.
have my first time performance in taiwan. chiayi and did the countdown show. 3 shows.

took the Taiwan metro for the first time.

went to the so very famous shi lin ye shi.
( i wanna go again.....not enough of it...again again!)

Drank Hot milk tea for the first time in my life. and it was shiok! because the weather was freezing. ok. i exaggerated a little. but i think if i were to drink the same hot milk tea in singapore i would not think it would be as nice though. :P

bought the o so cuteeee! mai ya lollis for my buggers. :))
i only saw it selling in that one store.
specially go back to buy de. :P

taking a shot with a very beautiful angel.
went to swaa koo at 101.
not first time though, i mean the swaa koo part, im always very 'mountain tortise'bwahahaa!:P.
walked for the first time amidst the blistering winds just to visit mr chiang kai shek.
took photos standing in the cold posing is difficult indeed. smiling cheeks might just freeze.

i couldnt help it. i was colllld...
actually just pretty much my hands and nose. haha...
maybe my legs too.

and lastly bought and brought my favourite bunnyu jacket on the miramar ferris wheel to realise we were con as there was no good view. -_-''haa...

Could you remember what you were doing exactly one year ago today?

anyway. remising what i did one year ago is fun, this year its not going to be so adventure pack most probably a very quiet more lonesome one....but lets all welcome the new year with a big bang at least. Msg your pals to wish them a happy new year and spread the love!:) no matter how we countdown and celebrate the new year, what's most important is that we must be happy then and be filled with full of loveeee~ :D

And in case no post come in between this and the new year...

A very Happy 2009 Everybody!
Love ya!
be a nice human!
spread the joy and love to everyone!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas!:)

A very Merry Merry Christmas to everyone!

Happy New Year!
Lets welcome 2009 with a big bang!:)
May the new coming year be a spectacular one!
May love & happiness be always filled in the air we live in!

Monday, December 22, 2008


lilalienations: sorry for the stagnant posts...i think i see mosquitoes breeding there already...:P

the book which started it all.

Ok. here's a movie i've watched in the cinemas lately. I haven't been to the cinemas to catch shows much this year...but i think this one is totally awesome! well in my standards anyway. :) some people i knew didn't enjoy it...but for me and mum which i brought along enjoyed it all the waay~:D

What was enjoyable about the movie...? Could i say that i was not put off for a minute or wanted to take my eyes was entertaining. :) there were some places which was a little off for just a second, but overall it pulled off well. Or could it because i happen to fall in the targeted audience (of teenage girls. me right. -_-) that i happen to like the movie? nahh. my mum liked it too ok. haha..:P And i'm not one who to go for shows just because of a hunk or because its a sob sobs hopeless romantic love story.

Granted the main lead did portray the role well. I didn't think he was o so gorgouesly drop dead handsome?..maybe its just me. But charasmatic role. definitely i guess.

Instead i pretty much liked the smaller roles in the show. The only crazy asian dude in the show. I thought he somehow was the spark to set the whole show started. As in the way how he was the one who brought bella "into" the school and being friends and thus she getting to know edward and so on....yeaps. quite a interesting quirky irritating character. =D

oo! and i liked the alice. Does anyone even remember her after the main leads stole the limelight? haha...
Alice. The first on the left. (edwards sister with the power of visions of the future)
What made me like this character? I'm not too sure. It's that aura of coolness yet with a tinge of friendliness. A nice supporting character to have.

The last supporting actor which i liked very much was Jacob black. If it goes according to the next book. The next film will have a juicy part for this guy. i would presume.
Red Indian roots and going to be enemy of Edward.
oo...exciting. o yes. though he had very little part in the show. he was quite adorable. (ok. that's personal bias-ness)haa!

Considering the low budget. (was it 40million? i don't remember.) and vastly unknown cast, i do really appauld the film and thought it was well done in that terms. And not to mention the gorgeous scenery they used. wow. splendor~

I happen to love shows like this just like how i like shows like x-man and cop mystery dramas so maybe i would have a tinge of bias-ness to how good the show is. But sincerely i think its one of the show worth your time and money on a weekend. You get what i mean. ;)

Go ahead and treat yourself to that show!:) twilight. new moon its sequel, i read is in pre production stage. Hope the latter would do justice to the book and its earlier movie.( i hope the change of director will not swop the cast and most definitely not make it worst) I'll be waiting in anticipation!:D weeeee....~

Hope you'll like the show.
do tell me if you do if you went to watch it..!;)

Monday, December 8, 2008

back. :)


im back!:) yay. with goodies and photos. :) did anyone miss me? apparently not. my tagboard does not have any messages from the last time i saw it. so sad. no one missed me at all. maybe its time i disappear :(( o well. I did miss everyone. :)

I did have a great great time in Thailand, Phuket. Hometown to our dearest Orange som- san. (Pee kah~) hee...:P Inititally was going to Bangkok too...but if you had been catching news would know why i wasn't able to go there...but, nevertheless, I still manage to see the land of smiles. It was nice and peaceful in case anyone is wondering, no rioting protest whatsoever. :)

Here's a little teaser photo. :) nice one of the four of us at a beautiful scenic spot orange's father brought us to.

I was looking through the photos and realised there are very little photos of four of us together in one photo. But still its okie...cux we took turns to take photos for each other and with each other...nice nice. :)))

*new edit. must say. our dearest fishy took this picture**
she very proud of it. fishy..happy mah? wahaha...:P

a little miriculaous natural spectacle from nature.
2 stars and a moon to form a face.
cool eh?
Ok, i admit, i did enhance the colour and contrast so that you'll be better able to see it...but it was really like this...
wow. :)
somebody from above must be smiling down on us!

more stuff next time.

Monday, December 1, 2008

i nearly forgot...

alienating away. yeaps. i nearly forgot all about pop by for a very last min. post....liL alien will be alienating away for a week thus most probably you can't find her on earth.....

take care peeps. :) loves.
be a nice human!

Friday, November 28, 2008

my new besties

the tissues and mr dustbin has unofficially turned into my best friends this few days.
wait for me while i go source where my nose has ran away to....

thnx huiling for her lifesaver tissues! hers so soft...nice on the nose. lol.;D


on a side is mayday's monster's birthday!:)
Happy birthday guai shou!:D
Your older yet again by another year! And looking good!
Mayday rocks. :)))

Thursday, November 27, 2008

sometimes you really wonder...

yes. sometimes you really wonder what are in these people's heads? obviously no brain. crap maybe. else, what would make them so selfish, so inhumane, so cruel?

what ever happen to world peace. what ever happen to love the world like i would love my family?

disappointing. what's wrong with these people?no. i really can't understand. not in a million years i can't.

this year alone, how many tragedies have we watch happen. really. when would all these come to an end, when would people learn to respect others.the civilians are innocent. killing each other is never going to solve anything. period.

when is all these all around the world going to stop. end. finito.

Pls let it be soon. and no matter how many times ms universe says this, i still love hearing it.
Let there be world peace.

Make Love. Make Music. Not war.

i'm awaiting the next sunrise. :)

i wish with all my might that one day all the wars would end.
all the pain and suffering would end.
and it would be paradise on earth.
wouldn't that be the perfect dream?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

because im a girl?

seriously never go near a girl when shes going through a state of pms. at least for me that is. i realised its quite bad. i'll be a horrible and scary monster and i'll bite you head off. pls do pardon me if i do so. hahaha...i can't help it.

i'm a girl. that's the best excuse ain't it? but its really the truth. lol. :P

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I have no words to describe this ingenious act. way cool man. dammmn cooooool was what i was thinking when i saw the pictures....i'll bet you'll agree with me when you see those witty pictures from this photographer Michael Hughes....

Let me show you some of my favourites. This was what he did with those cheap souvenirs ever so often the 'must' pride of a tourist...:P

How was that? :) Some might be thinking....i also can do that...true true...but then! we didn't think of it its still quite ingenious...:)) nice. Click here** to read the full original article. :)