Monday, December 29, 2008

just a few more days away.

just a few more days away to the new year. :)
let me look back exactly one year from today. what was i doing? where was i and what was i preparing for? let me recall, for last year i remember was the countdown of many first.

I went with rpws to taiwan.
my first time ever being to taiwan.
my first time ever spending a countdown to the new year not in singapore.
my first time not counting down with my family or my television set for that matter...:P

stayed in the childhood resort with the girls in the room. *where is this card key? did we get to keep it?? anyone remember?*
played with orange's trenchcoat and became a zombie.
have my first time performance in taiwan. chiayi and did the countdown show. 3 shows.

took the Taiwan metro for the first time.

went to the so very famous shi lin ye shi.
( i wanna go again.....not enough of it...again again!)

Drank Hot milk tea for the first time in my life. and it was shiok! because the weather was freezing. ok. i exaggerated a little. but i think if i were to drink the same hot milk tea in singapore i would not think it would be as nice though. :P

bought the o so cuteeee! mai ya lollis for my buggers. :))
i only saw it selling in that one store.
specially go back to buy de. :P

taking a shot with a very beautiful angel.
went to swaa koo at 101.
not first time though, i mean the swaa koo part, im always very 'mountain tortise'bwahahaa!:P.
walked for the first time amidst the blistering winds just to visit mr chiang kai shek.
took photos standing in the cold posing is difficult indeed. smiling cheeks might just freeze.

i couldnt help it. i was colllld...
actually just pretty much my hands and nose. haha...
maybe my legs too.

and lastly bought and brought my favourite bunnyu jacket on the miramar ferris wheel to realise we were con as there was no good view. -_-''haa...

Could you remember what you were doing exactly one year ago today?

anyway. remising what i did one year ago is fun, this year its not going to be so adventure pack most probably a very quiet more lonesome one....but lets all welcome the new year with a big bang at least. Msg your pals to wish them a happy new year and spread the love!:) no matter how we countdown and celebrate the new year, what's most important is that we must be happy then and be filled with full of loveeee~ :D

And in case no post come in between this and the new year...

A very Happy 2009 Everybody!
Love ya!
be a nice human!
spread the joy and love to everyone!

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