Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 a recap.

Before i go into all my 2009 mood of woohoo~ let me recap the little big milestones of what i did in 2008. Yesh. we must reflect. Right...:P
All the way from the top

spent my first second of 08 counting down with the friendly taiwanese people and rpws performing in the freezing blistery winds. :)

went back with jinjin! to Slps.

saw our hall transformed into a market.
kinda happy and a little sad?

met up with all the buggers because...
our dear mr chai was going to shave all his hair away....
(pic from abby!:))

Had a wii party at eeshauns house. first time i play wii~
swaa koo.:P

first time i went to beijing to conquer the flight of great wall steps...all because i wanted a nicer view to capture photos.

thought i was not going to make it half way up.
but surprise surprise.
this couch-xercise girl girl made it up.
yohoohoo. and took unglam pics cux i was way too tired.

Graduated. :)
first time i wear robe.
but i looked kinda horrible tt day.
o well. haha

went to suntec's anime comic fair. :)

said byebye to my beloved lil girl.

met up with zoo family and 'sent' off ben to army~

met up with my covalents...but...where is my photos...?
i can't find sure we did take some did we?

went to thailand phuket for the first time with my girls. :)

Went to take the Singapore flyer.
and maybe accidentally jinx it. >.< swaaakoooo~ :P

met arul at rek's new house.

yesh. we went to celebrate Xmas in rekkha's new cosy home. :)
I love my buggers yesh esp buggies.

then i counted down to the new year with
orange and huiling.

Here I come!

2008 was a year full of stuff...2009 will be a year full of Wonderful stuff.
i love all my family and pals.
take care in the new year.

love ya all.
be a nice human.


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