Monday, March 31, 2008

diploma-ed*part I

as of march 26 2008. i have officially graduated from Republic Poly.
School of technology for the arts(STA) Class of 2008.

What happen to my 3 years? how does it seem like it has zoom past but i remembered it going on and on during some days...suddenly i look back, it seems like time has just took on its own character and decided to fast forward without letting me realise it.

See this was my timeline of classes...:))

my first class in rp. back in tanglin campus. where the building was further away from all the other blocks, but we didn't need to climb the long staircase up! hehe:P so much for being a lazy bumb.=p
took the mrt with jin, fang, kai yuan and kiat min to redhill station.
then we would walk to school.
it was fun. i can still remember the route everytime i go past the station. :)
yes. ps0101. i had fun in this class. a great class!:)
thank you guys!

my second class in the first year. That was where i learnt that for every new sem, i would have to change class and get new class mates. I was kinda sad to leave the old (newly found) familiar friends and place.
but then again, i was happy because i made many new friends and also my zoo. :)
this classroom was very near blk a where all band practices were held, thus before band prac, orange, huiling and a few more of them would gather at my class for dinner before we went to blk a for practise.
yes. and i was just gloating earlier that i had the class at the bottom of the steps but after the change this sem i had been shifted all the way to the top. stairs and more stairs. :( haha...:P

thank you guys!:)

my first class in year 2! :) when I first moved into our woodlands campus. this was my class. yea i know. its not the full class photo, but this is the best I could find.
i totally heart this class. love them!:)
they are fun, unique and spontaneous!:) and yea. i love my e26r gang.
we had our chalets together and went for a few outings particular i can remember the rot dot museum one. it was fun!:)
laughter together.
misreading words would be de-vast-ting.:P *its a inhouse joke.* LOL. :P
lets rmb to keep the tradition and spend time with each other!:)

thank you guys!:)

a class with quite a few faci changes. a time where i changed quite a few mentors too. haha...
where the class had a conflict with one person.
but then everyone still loved each other.
i always remember of how ash and all would come up with a interesting word describing something. and that would be the next big word. haha...

i remembered i would always be one of the first few to classes apart from my lao da, elfrida. :)
and here is where my unglams came about. hearts=)
unglam royalties. haha..
we had many laughs in this class. it was somehow always noisy. :P

thank you guys!:)

Yea. I know. we took a class photo right? I didn't get so i shall use this one instead. its still a lovely pic :))

this pic was taken right after our CAAS project for advertising. It was one of our biggest project, and i remember apart from FYP we cracked our brains real hard for this one. it was one big project meeting the real client and everything. but we lost the deal, anyway. it was a good learning experience. :)

haha. i remember in this class. i know what 'smokers' were. real ones. :P gerald was good at it. finding his way to get that 'A' *with the hand sign* haha...and gulshan, woodhouse & captain of the year ben was good at backing him up. but, seriously, if they thought hard on stuff they came up with pretty amazing ideas i must say. :)

this class was cool i must say, a blend of cool, quirky people. :) and yes not to mention our gary chaw friend club president ms prawnified. ah sia. a very cute photogenic girl. haha...

each and every character in this class was unique and quirky in their own way. cool.

thank you guys!:)

and finally my last class.
here, we see mostly familiar faces, because, sta is just like one big family.
you know almost every other person in your school or diploma.
we are the first batch so, i guess, that is really a plus point.

you can remember all the faci's, the students, even if you don't know them by name, you recognise them by face. which is a lovely heartwarming feeling. :)

Thank you guys.


Thank you STA.

Yeap yeaps. So this was how i roughly spent my life in school in term of classes....catch the next episode of diploma-ed to see the grad pics.....hahaa..:P

Qing ming and mas selamat.

lil alienations: in case you have no idea what is the qing ming festival in which the chinese 'celebrate?'. You can read more about it >>>HERE<<<>>>HERE<<< ........................................................................................................................................

So as usual just as of every year we chinese celebrate tomb sweeping day or better know as Qing Ming Jie "清明节". This year is no different, my mum,dad and I set off to Malaysia back to grandma's house. But this year, its more irritating. no not, because im a unfilial kid dreading to help clean up the tomb.

but. its because the stupid mr *i think he doesn't deserve a salutation of mr* mas selamat. That whole saga of him running away, and Singapore wanting to catch him back firmly believing he is still in Singapore and might run out of the country. Thus the very stringent checks at the customs checkpoint causing the massive jams there. Causing me to be stuck in the long jam too...-_-'' despite waking up at 5 just to beat the jam. ya right.

if your still in the blue. just climbed out of the well and have no idea whatsoever about who the hell and what is all this story about mas selamat all about heres a little link to help you. >>>HERE<<<

for all we know, he might already have escaped and is sleeping peacefully in a deserted island or another country and all the innocent people are suffering in their lorries and what not because of that. I think the worst people hit by the whole saga are the people whose life's have been affected by it. All those lorry driver's carrying goods in and out of Malaysia into Singapore. and those store holders at the woodlands checkpoint, no body dares to go there now, i guess its pretty much a ghost town there? poor people.

i hope this matter will resolve soon, if not...... so if you suspect you see him call 999. but don't accuse the wrong people. i read on the newspapers there have been some poor souls who have been mistaken to look like him. Here is how he look likes. Here.

jam here jam there jam everywhere. this is not the singing jam nor the spreadable delectable ones. its the supper irritating ones which everybody hope can be resolved soon.

this jam is ok.
this jam is yummi :)

this jam is just irritating. >:(
jam jam go away don't ever come any other day!


Take care peeps!:) peace out. loves.

Monday, March 24, 2008

thank you. :)

Went out with jin and huan on sat...:) haha...they treated me to a nice swenson's meal for my birthday. It was really nice...thank you!:) that's really enough le ya..? was an enjoyable meal and that's what mattered. ;)

we liked this fountain in t3..we took quite a few pics there...haha...

O ya..we went to T3...its quite nice, my third time there..we roamed around for quite awhile until we became listless and decided to change venue...haha...

their 'favourite' pose ;P
im taking a pic of jin taking a pic! haha...

anyway it was a great day~!:) thanks girls...
jin jia you for your interview at nus! gambatte masu~ =))

Sunday, March 23, 2008

S Pop hurray~

On Sunday night, the Spop hurray finals were held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. I was intending to catch it comfortably on my couch at home...

But fishy wanted to go watch her mr kaya jam hsiao live (above), and gotten the tickets so we went down to support and watch him * not me though, i watched all the!*.

In case you have totally no idea who this person is and why everyone is crazy over him i think goggling up on him would come up with many reply entries. Here is one if your too lazy...:p >>>HERE<<<> kaya jam.

but for one thing, though i do have to admit this guy doesn't fare too badly in the singing category, rather powerful vocals, he can't have a good conversation with people. or maybe a lil benefit of the doubt, people he is not used to or close with.

hes word syllabus in answering every other question seem to came in one word, or maybe one syllabus, because some of it were really just 'erm' 'huh' 'haa' etc... those get what i mean...but..fishy say it is cute.

i guess its like what they say beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. cute and charm means different things to different people...So to them, his fans..he is charming, cute and what not. I even saw a malay in his fan club, not bad for someone who isn't really out in the industry yet. ;)
if he continues, he might just really be the next big hot thing.

JJ was there, he did some impressive moves and was great!:) what wasn't so great and kinda pissed me off for the night was his quite idiotic brainless inconsiderate fan club.

Yes, i understand you wanna cheer for your idol, fair enough. Scream into my ears and defended me, fair enough, go ahead. i have no complains...but hello! don't suddenly stand up right in front and block the whole audiences behind who were watching peacefully. it was just plain rude and very inconsiderate, if you want the steps there were vacant....stupid fan club people. -_-'

o well...on another note, elva was there! she hasn't come to S'pore in awhile, and she looked rather different...but still her singing was good!:)

but, what i kinda missed was why some of the other Singapore artist couldn't turn up...who was lacking...*which i wanted to see*:P
  1. Stefinie Sun
  2. Dreamz FM
  3. Kit Chan
  4. joy chua
  5. MLB mi lu bingthis are the few which i kinda missed...they are the local would have been nice if they were there...but i guess, they must have been too busy..

o yes. and the winning song was 'fa sao' *written by a malaysian, must support!:P* two of the songs which i liked from the beginning got into the finals. :)) yea, and the song on my blog, the won runner up. :) great job to the song writers! overall it was a great night.
o yes. and one last thing before i end..its not a nice thing to leave when the performer is on stage performing...unless its very urgent..if not, its really kinda rude to the performer and its just not concert etiquette. imagine if you were in the performers shoes, you would be upset too.

yeaps.:) that's all i have for today...take care peeps. smile. loves. peace out. :)v

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

o well.

today. didn't exactly went well. in fact, i think it was kinda sucky. :( i left home excited only to walk home disappointed. don't blow the balloon with helium only to prick it with a needle.thanks man.

the day sucked. :( don't ask.


anyways, have to thank fishy for going down with me. :) and she a new haircut, i think it looks fine, but her face looks smaller again? maybe im just not used to'll grow on me..don't worry fishy. ;)
o yes. and thank you for the oreo cheesecake..yummi..:) jia you!


i should see something which would prob cheer me up..not wongfu today. today is another of my fave bands. mayday.:)

may day is coming. (in another two months?) and Mayday is coming*soon*!:) pun intended.

Mayday. ^-^

hi ashin!=)


hope everyone elses day was a much better one than mine. :)

Friday, March 14, 2008

this is quite beautiful:)

yea, today im going to share with you guys are video which i think is really nice, it might be kinda long, but stay through it. I liked it. :)

its done by phil, but im not sharing it just because its wong fu and im bias...:P maybe just a lil. but still, i just think the concept is sweet and the overall feel is lovely. :)

A Peace of Home - Wong Fu Productions

there you go. enjoy. :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

recommendation time

yeaps. :) here i am with a online shop to recommend. i think its quite cool.:) but too bad its ex~~~if not ill snap up so many things! haha

but still, its worth a look, the craft is good. :)
That is the site. or you can click >>HERE<<

I saw the original works on flikr and thus lead me to this online shop of the owner. This (below was what caught my attention) cool eh. :)

Yeaps. that's my recommendation for today. :) check it out!
just in case for those who are interested this is her flikr site. >>HERE<<

march 11. =)

this is just a lil thank you to everyone who help celebrated my birthday together with me and sent me all your well wishes and birthday greetings!:) thank you!:D

every little thought count! and it makes me happy! ^-^
hai hai! arigatou gozaimasu! :1

o just to share some more can stop here if you don't want to see my face anymore. lol:P

peekaboo. i see you. :)

Happy birthday to me. to the 20 year old~ falala~

the pressie is mine mine ok. im crazy.:P
this was the card given by my bro. :))
heh. thats the inside of the card.*the words are smudge in the picture only*
on the envelope. *lil alien's counterpart!
and his creative outcomes. :)
ok. i know. this is a 'siao zha bor' pic..:P but im always this crazy, can't blame me..;P

the above picture was actually posed to see this shirt given by my bro. kinda cool, it has a cigarette necklace! he and dona chosed it. thank you!:D me likes.

bro got this and the shirt above from korea for me....heh. :) niceee.

i think i can take over sadako's job if she needs a body double to take off one day..wahaha. lol.:P

i was busy trying to open this! yay! XD thanks mummy and daddy. muacks!

big mickey and mini mouse (pun intended:P)
the doll orange bought from thailand for me..:))

happily talking on the phone with bro. :)

Yeaps. once again thanks everyone, really. :) for all your celebrations, gifts or just well wishes. they were very sweet. :) i appreciate it. thank youuuu! muackies!


went with a friend to get her tatoo done today. no i didn't get one. my mum would slaughter me alive...wahaha...:P maybe next time if she allows ill get one.. heh. =P if i can get the pics from my friend i'll post it up, way cool. way painful too. o. and bloodd! haha...not for the faint hearted.

first time i saw it being done live though. ahaha. swaa koo. :P

Yeaps, thats all for today. take care folks! :) loves. peace out!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

yesh. im officially the big 2.

wawasan 2020 this is not lat's comic. haha:P
that's lat. click on him to know more about him if you wanna. he's one of my fave malaysian comic ever. :)

yesh. i am 20. the big 2...ahhhh*runs around being freaking paraniod! im ollddddd already!* haha...just kidding. wouldn't want to offend anyone with just one statement would i? heh.:p

so yesh. bhb abit..sing myself a birthday song....=)

Happy birthday to meeeeee!
as my cousin puts it, welcome to the 20-20 club. i belong there now. heh..:P

Ok, enough of me wishing myself a happy birthday. :P so loser-ish so cheerful, cux some of my buds kinda forgotten. saded o well. its just a birthday anyway. they are busy people so i must understand. :)
this came in the mail today!:D *there was the adress of course*:P
the inside of the card. :D hand made handmade! :) thank you jy. :)

o a lighter note...guess what came through the mail today!:) made me so happpppy!:) yes, snail box in my mail box! i opened it after coming home and then wahhh! happy!:)
this was what i found~ (below)

yes. its a handmade card sent to me by snail mail! omg omg omg! you could have imagine the excitement when i opened it! it was sent by my favourite lovely JY!:) yes. i know. so sweet right? Thank you jie ying!:) you made my day by giving me my two favouritest snail mail and home made card. So full of 'xin yi' touched. :') me lovess. X)

L Lawleit

and yes. today i went out with my lovely ladies to watch L change the world, which we have been wanting to watch since forever, waiting for each other to be free. so finally today we're at it!:) weee~ * sorry i was late....=X gomen gomen. the show was not too bad. pretty decent, some loose ends here and there but overall i still thought it didn't do injustice to the prequels before it. :) and i actually did really like some scenes, they were very hmm.. i can't find the word, touching?

2 candles for the 20 yr old girl*im really that old already?*

So after the movie, the girls did something very sweet, though it was kinda funny, but i still think its very sweet and appreciate it loads. :) they bought me a cake from secret recipe. yummi! ^-^
sarah looks at the present seriously thinking, what is inside? Guessing.

peeps inside. slowly undoing the wrapper... ahh! what does she see?
oo. and she smiles!
then she claps her hand in happiness just like a lil kid.
wow wee! she laughs and smile and looks on as a interested small kid.
taadaa! shake head mickey!:D

and they gave me a pressie i always liked when i saw it in the shops, the shake head doll (ok, i know it has a name, but i have no idea what it is.) they gave me a mickey shake head doll! oo...happy!:D me like it very mucch! thank you girls...=) *muacks* i was gleeing all the way while opening the pressie..hehe..:P just like a little kid handling the christmas presents. =P
half being sadako, half opening the pressies excitedly.:P

and orange brought back alot of pressies for us from thailand...arigatou neh orange!:) xie xie. :D

yes. i know you all are tired of seeing my photos. wahaha..:P you can skip the actually. hehe.

photos are courtersy of Orange and Jy, taken by Jy, Huiling, Orange and me. :)
thank you girls!:) for the photos, pressie and wonderful day today. =)

jy! who didn't take much pics of herself today. orange who in contrast took many photos today. haha..kidding. :P
and our miss fishy who said this piccy looks as if shes at the beach. :)

And then, all together now. :)
i didn't get this piccy somehow so stole took it from jy's side. heh. :P


Yeaps, thanks to all who took the time and effort to remember my birthday and wish me a happy birthday and celebrate or will celebrate with me...thank you! :) you people are sooo sweet! love ya all! muacksZ!XOXOXO :))

click me. :) *the one above*