Tuesday, March 11, 2008

yesh. im officially the big 2.

wawasan 2020 this is not lat's comic. haha:P
that's lat. click on him to know more about him if you wanna. he's one of my fave malaysian comic ever. :)

yesh. i am 20. the big 2...ahhhh*runs around being freaking paraniod! im ollddddd already!* haha...just kidding. wouldn't want to offend anyone with just one statement would i? heh.:p

so yesh. bhb abit..sing myself a birthday song....=)

Happy birthday to meeeeee!
as my cousin puts it, welcome to the 20-20 club. i belong there now. heh..:P

Ok, enough of me wishing myself a happy birthday. :P so loser-ish so cheerful, cux some of my buds kinda forgotten. saded o well. its just a birthday anyway. they are busy people so i must understand. :)
this came in the mail today!:D *there was the adress of course*:P
the inside of the card. :D hand made handmade! :) thank you jy. :)

o a lighter note...guess what came through the mail today!:) made me so happpppy!:) yes, snail box in my mail box! i opened it after coming home and then wahhh! happy!:)
this was what i found~ (below)

yes. its a handmade card sent to me by snail mail! omg omg omg! you could have imagine the excitement when i opened it! it was sent by my favourite lovely JY!:) yes. i know. so sweet right? Thank you jie ying!:) you made my day by giving me my two favouritest snail mail and home made card. So full of 'xin yi' touched. :') me lovess. X)

L Lawleit

and yes. today i went out with my lovely ladies to watch L change the world, which we have been wanting to watch since forever, waiting for each other to be free. so finally today we're at it!:) weee~ * sorry i was late....=X gomen gomen. the show was not too bad. pretty decent, some loose ends here and there but overall i still thought it didn't do injustice to the prequels before it. :) and i actually did really like some scenes, they were very hmm.. i can't find the word, touching?

2 candles for the 20 yr old girl*im really that old already?*

So after the movie, the girls did something very sweet, though it was kinda funny, but i still think its very sweet and appreciate it loads. :) they bought me a cake from secret recipe. yummi! ^-^
sarah looks at the present seriously thinking, what is inside? Guessing.

peeps inside. slowly undoing the wrapper... ahh! what does she see?
oo. and she smiles!
then she claps her hand in happiness just like a lil kid.
wow wee! she laughs and smile and looks on as a interested small kid.
taadaa! shake head mickey!:D

and they gave me a pressie i always liked when i saw it in the shops, the shake head doll (ok, i know it has a name, but i have no idea what it is.) they gave me a mickey shake head doll! oo...happy!:D me like it very mucch! thank you girls...=) *muacks* i was gleeing all the way while opening the pressie..hehe..:P just like a little kid handling the christmas presents. =P
half being sadako, half opening the pressies excitedly.:P

and orange brought back alot of pressies for us from thailand...arigatou neh orange!:) xie xie. :D

yes. i know you all are tired of seeing my photos. wahaha..:P you can skip the actually. hehe.

photos are courtersy of Orange and Jy, taken by Jy, Huiling, Orange and me. :)
thank you girls!:) for the photos, pressie and wonderful day today. =)

jy! who didn't take much pics of herself today. orange who in contrast took many photos today. haha..kidding. :P
and our miss fishy who said this piccy looks as if shes at the beach. :)

And then, all together now. :)
i didn't get this piccy somehow so stole took it from jy's side. heh. :P


Yeaps, thanks to all who took the time and effort to remember my birthday and wish me a happy birthday and celebrate or will celebrate with me...thank you! :) you people are sooo sweet! love ya all! muacksZ!XOXOXO :))

click me. :) *the one above*

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